Ireland 2017!

Going to be back in Ireland for a couple of weeks very soon. This is where I’ll be, come down to a live show if you’re in the neighbourhood! Love and thanks to both The Penthouse and Greywood Arts for the invite and opportunities. (In case you’re wondering, these are back to back because I’m tied to school holidays, you gotta do what you gotta do)

  • 8th – 14th April – Solo residency at Curfew Tower near Belfast, N. Ireland
  • 13th April – Open House event at Curfew Tower / Solo Performance with Three Eyed Makara playing + possible collaboration
  • 14th April – solo trombone set at ‘Fuzzy Hell House’, Athlone, Ireland. message for address.
  • 15th – 23rd April – Residency with Delphine Dora at Greywood Arts, County Cork, Ireland.
  • 16th April -Sophie Cooper / Delphine Dora duo show at Gulpd Cafe, Cork
  • 21st April – Sophie Cooper / Delphine Dora duo performance, Open House event at Greywood Arts


Nyogtha, The Slowest Lift, Guttersnipe

Next gig with Julian is at Wharf Chambers. We have a release out really soon too!

Nyogtha, The Slowest Lift, Guttersnipe

Friday 31st March
Wharf Chambers


NYOGTHA – Like a hallucinatory fusion of Sunn o))) and Dead Can Dance, the Reading duo of Tanith Griffiths and Ed Radcliffe wield a shadowy and arresting sound ablaze with cosmic ritual darkness wrought from dual guitars and vocals, plus occasional drum machine. Unfolding soundscapes of eldritch distortion and modulated doom-gaze blur in bas-relief with gothic-crooning and banshee screams atop electronic tympani.

THE SLOWEST LIFT – Todmorden/Manchester wunderkinder of drone/noise/folk dreamscapes Sophie Cooper (also of Tor Invocation Band + Leopard Leg + heaps more) and Julian Bradley (also of Vibracathedral Orchestra + The Piss Superstition) get together to forge a ghostly tapestry of earthen whirring, phantasmal resonances, sheets of textured skree and touching, hazy vocals, which stir the waters of the soul and evoke strange landscapes in the mind.

GUTTERSNIPE – Local wispy goofball duo cranking out the gaudiest cartoon rock hysteria this side of an impending aneurysm, guitar/drums/electronics/dual vocals deployed in parallel asynchronicity to disrupt, disorient and induce a flaming wiggle the likes of which only the birds know.

£5 or £4 unwaged.

RFM review

I’ve ended up staying with Radio Free Midwich because I heart them. Have a read of a review I wrote –

Anla Courtis – Antofagasta (Beartown Records) CD I’ve wanted to listen to the music of Anla Courtis for ages after reading that big article about him in The Wire, so I was thrilled to see this new CD by him on the Midwich review pile released by Beartown Records. And a bloody good job of […]

via Memories reworked and remembered again: Sophie Cooper on Anla Courtis and Vollar/Murray Tag Team on Culver versus Fordell Research Unit — radio free midwich

Tor Fest All Dayer

yes, yes, I know. I know I said I would never put a festival on again, think I’ve said this every year since 2002 but here we are – again. I love it really.

Click pic to buy a ticket!


Ever since Jake and I moved to Todmorden and started arranging shows here we always said that the number one band that we wanted to put on, at the top of every wish list, was Pelt. Honestly never thought it would happen but I guess if you dream enough… blub blub, might cry.

So yes! On the 19th February this year the mighty PELT are coming to TODMORDEN (?) and it’s their only gig in the UK outside of London. It’s pretty unbelievable but we are very lucky so I hope everyone reading this will make the effort to come and see this one off show of a lifetime here in our small Yorkshire town. It’s a Sunday but don’t worry, we’ve arranged it so everything will be over by 10pm so folks can get off home on the last trains.

In addition to Pelt we have the lads from the band performing in 3 other acts during the day plus a whole heap of local talent so it’ll be a great event. It’s £10 for the day with all proceeds, as always, going straight to the artists performing. Cheers to The Golden Lion for being so supportive of us, we love you.

Tickets available here – it’s quite a limited capacity so get a ticket soon as, even if you’re my friend it won’t guarantee entrance, soz. 

PELT Acoustic drone legends, incorporating elements of folk, traditional and old time music. Only UK show outside London, not to be missed!

SPIRAL JOY BANDPatrick Best and Mikel Dimmick, microtonal explorations and trance inducing dronescapes, only the second time they’ve played in the UK!

A member of Pelt and The Black Twig Pickers as well as a regular member of Steve Gunn’s band, Bowles has been carving out a name for himself as a solo artist fusing old-time appalachian banjo picking with avant-garde composition.

MIKE GANGLOFF & MATT PEYTONGangloff is the founder of both Pelt and The Black Twig Pickers. A new duo taking traditional old-time music in a new direction.

KELLY JAYNE JONES – Manchester based sound artist specialising in electro-acoustic works. Jones’ solo music combines live flute with subtle feedback with astonishing results. She is best known for being half of Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides.

BIRDS & SHIPS – Two members of local folk heroes the She-Shanties, Ruthie and Esther sing unaccompanied traditional folk and rolling shanties.

NEIL CAMPBELL – The artist formerly known as Astral Social Club, Neil Campbell is well known on the UK underground music scene for being a founding member of Vibracathedral Orchestra. Expect dense electronic sound that gives you psychedelic feelings.

MIA LA METTA – Leeds based, member of ‘Beards’, Kathy Grey’s solo project. Sythy art-pop constructions skewed with bizarro effects, wonked guitar and dreamy vocals.

ELEANOR CULLY – Charming guitar and vocals act from Hudderfield. Close mic hushed singing combined with light guitar and tape manipulations.

Right, now I never normally point this out (online I mean, I tell everyone I know in real life) but I think it’s really important in these times to be even more vocal so here we are. I’ve got 11 people playing, 6 are men, 5 are women, that’s a pretty good balance and it didn’t happen by accident. I actually thought to myself, huh, women are really unrepresented in the music scene so let’s give a platform to them and show the world how easy it is to include a bit of THOUGHTFUL PROGRAMMING. I do this at every single show I organise, it’s easy. Women are out there, you just have to think about it and present opportunities. I urge anyone putting on gigs to do the same and if you need advice about it please ask me –





The Slowest Lift 10/02/17

Playing some new material with Julian at this gig in Feb at Wharf Chambers in Leeds:

7.30pm – 11pm

Facebook event page

£5 OTD | £4 unwaged

Abstract noise and audio paranoia from Gary Myles and Kieron Piercy, taking you ever deeper into the mind maze. Releases on Harbinger Sound, Chocolate Monk and Feral Tapes.

Pastoral wanderings through psychedelic dronescapes in this fresh collaboration between singer-songwriter Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley of Vibracathedral Orchestra and The Piss Superstition.

Unholy metal punk from members of No Form, Perspex Flesh and Mob Rules. Hail Satan.

+ 1 more TBC

End of year…

…Thank God.

Musically this wasn’t the most terrible year ever but this has only been achieved by largely ignoring everyone outside. Get your head down, make some stuff happen, it’s the only way out.

Got some releases lined up for 2017 and a residency planned. More info for those who are interested may follow later.

Big love and respect to Norman Records for including my EP ‘Count the Days’ in their end of year list – good people.

Ta to Spools Out for having me on their radio show a week or so ago. I talk a bit about my girl Kelly Jayne Jones’ cassette on there.

I have one show lined up for 2017 in February with Julian Bradley in our group ‘The Slowest Lift’, that’ll be fun.

All the best if you are celebrating Christmas.