Sophie Cooper is a sound artist who Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (hcmf//) refer to as “A crucial member of Yorkshire’s far-reaching experimental music scene”. Sophie’s practice pivots around new presentations of acoustic instrumentation (primarily the trombone) with electronics, challenging conventions around composition, text placement and performance.

Performing ‘Dial-a-Bone’ in Cushendall, N. Ireland. Photo by Sandra Bouguerch

“a wonderful British musician who plays lightly deranged guitar and/or keys while singing like she sees bats everywhere” 

Bryon Coley, The Wire


In addition to performing and composition, Sophie is heavily involved in the UK underground DIY scene promoting regular shows in Todmorden, West Yorkshire under the name Tor Bookings and is the founder of Tor Festival. 


Sophie is a music workshop facilitator specialising in music technology, creative mentoring and music for early years. Recent clients include, National Concert Hall, Dublin, Yorkshire Sound Women network, NYMAZ , Sound and Music and Rhythm Time. Sophie also manages learning and participation projects for hcmf// in Huddersfield.

Sophie is also co-chair for the Daphne Oram Trust supporting the development of new electronic music and is a member of Ebor Studio. 


Ivor Novello Composers award nominee, 2020

DYCP Arts Council England 2021