Sophie Dora and Delphine Cooper TOUR

6 Jul

Having a personal European Union next month, come to one of these shows if you can please!SCDD poster web

Collaboration with Julian Bradley

21 Jun

I’ve been working on a new collaboration with Julian Bradley (the piss superstition / Vibracathedral Orchestra) and have been absolutely loving it. Can’t wait to get the record released but for now here’s a nice pic of the two of us, some words on the collab and a song we’ve been working on. First live outing will be at this year’s Supernormal Festival. 


Separated by Lancashire-West Yorkshire boundary, Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley have recently embarked on a new distance duo for performance at this year’s Supernormal Festival. A release is also in the works as a result of this project.

Julian Bradley is a founder member of Vibracathedral Orchestra, solo as The Piss Superstition, in Never Rad with Luke Poot, and a past member of The Negative Kite. His sound has been described as intricate electronic calligraphy produced by malfunctioning effects units, tapes and guitar.

In collaboration with Sophie Cooper, a musician interested in reimagining the conventions of song writing through incorporation of drones, weird noises and alternative vocal approaches, the duo have created a series of pieces where fuzztone and feedback patterns pulsate, sweet vocal lines play with repetition and a sense of maximalism is achieved.

New Releases

2 Jun


I had a new 3 inch EP out on the ace Rural Colours label last week. I dipped a toe into the waters of ambient drone trombone for it… Actual copies will be on sale at my gigs but you can also have a listen here:


This amazing 7 inch also came out, or is due to soon, on NZ based label ‘End of the Alphabet Records’. Alastair Galbraith is on one side (swoon swoon, I love this guy’s music like you wouldn’t believe) and I’m playing piano and singing with Mike n Cara Gangloff and me Jake Blanchard on the other. It’s a dream come true, have a listen:


Just came back from France where I was recording and practicing with Delphine Dora. We have a few shows coming up in the UK this summer so have a look at my Live dates to see where. We’ll see what happens with the new recordings.

Lastly I’ve been working on a new project with someone to be revealed (by the guys who asked it to happen in the first place) but here’s a song that we’ve been working on. I’m loving this collaboration so much…

– Sof x


Dear diary

2 May

I seem to be spending a fair bit of time juggling a lot of musical plates at the moment. Currently preparing for a solo gig this Saturday with the lovely Daniel Bachman and hilarious user of Miitomo Dean McPhee. Last time I saw Dan was in Durham, North Carolina. We drank $4 bottles of wine acquired at some posh health food shop which made the price tag more acceptable. Anyway, it’ll be great, in Todmorden, at The Golden Lion. Here’s a FB page for it. So yeah. I’ve actually got a release out soon but I guess I’ve got to wait for the label to “announce” it or whatnot. It’s a solo trombone job, drone songs, I’m pleased with it. I’ve been asked to make another solo record but again, under the hat for now. You know how the music biz is. I’m going to France this month to record another record with Delphine Dora at her isolated home location. Mountains just everywhere apparently but I can’t imagine going skiing. Fair amount of snow about right now isn’t there? We are playing our first live show together while I’m out there on the 28th May at La Loupiote – Cafe Asso, Aurillac, France. I’m hoping DD knows where this is because I don’t. We will be performing together at Supernormal Festival in August and following that we will be doing a few dates around the UK, there’ll be a separate memo regarding these details later on. I’m performing twice at Supernormal but again, can’t say what until the festival does. I’d like to announce it to the world right now because I’m really happy with the preparations for this one, sounds ace. Another thing, I’ll be at the festival Sin Eater in June, playing trombone with the Tor Invocation Band. That’ll be a laugh. Hoping my new dog Dana will be allowed to come along for the show. Ok, better stop this ramble now.

The Wuthering Files

18 Apr

Photo by Nic Chapman of Little Picture Loft. Cheers Nic x

Wuthering Sophie 11

Musical mix for Wild Silence

26 Mar

Delphine Dora asked me to make an inspirational mix of music and this is the result.

Day off Sunday

19 Mar

It’s a curious thing to be automatically given time off to observe a religious celebration despite not following the faith. I propose that the “Easter holidays” be renamed to something more inclusive of everyone’s beliefs such as ‘Citizens of the world, have a bit of time off’ but I suppose that’s not as catchy. How should we rename the “Christmas” period?

So on that day called Easter Sunday I’m playing a gig in Leeds at Wharf Chambers. The line up looks good and long. Read about it below and hope to see you there:

Easter Sunday all day noisy weirdo doings.

===Arma Agharta=== (Lithuania)
Dada sound artist working with synths, electronics, vocals, and ritual performance, his giddy set last year at W/C was an absurd treat!

===Tasos Stamou=== (Greece/London)
“arrangements with self-modified electronics (circuit bending) and found objects, electronic music equipment (modular synthesizers & computer applications), acoustic instruments (prepared zither, reeds, whistles, vocals, etc) and video synthesizers”
(Tasos and Arma will also be performing a set as a duo)

===Sophie Cooper===
Ghostly and enchanting folk songs draped in drone, noise and psych for maximum glow and woozy heartache.

===Tor Invocation Band===
Revolving door local improvising super-group revolving around Jake Blanchard and his Japan Banjo. This time joined by Chris Hladowski (Family Elan), Pete Turner, Andrew Jarvis (United Bible Studies), Sam Mcloughlin and the inimitable Joincey.

===Ashtray Navigations===
Leeds weirdo lifers always a thrill. Recent (amazing) recordings have dipped toes in the direction of bizarre 80’s digital dub but maintaining plenty of that levitational psych choogle you love so much.

===Embla Quickbeam===
Recent Brighton to Calder valley transplant Rowan Forestier uses field recording, home-made instruments and tape. “Emerging from a netherworld of spectral radio phonics and atmospheric ambience, her off-kilter symphonies of haunted rapture and discordant dreamscapes are a glimpse into a kingdom of unsettling beauty and a monocle for the third eye.”

===Inverted Nepal===
Pete Cann and Paul Walsh hose you down with jets of hyperdetailed hyperdynamic err… hypersound? “Cacophonous whirring n’ surging of vast hideous insectoid factories grinding with assemblies of violent morphogenesis.”

===Marlo & Mel===
Mystery junk heap happenings with local/international heroes Marlo Eggplant and Mel O’Duhbslaine.

===Aimmar Cair===
Noise / ambient / droney sections / harsh things

PLUS: Cops & Robbers will be doing some food to keep you going, with profits going towards their continued printing costs.

7 pounds/5 pounds unwaged or less if you need, come and have a word.

Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club is a members’ club, and you need to be a member, or a guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

Wharf Chambers operates a Safer Spaces policy. Details can be viewed here:

wharf sunday


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