Tor FM: Kelly Jayne Jones

Here is the latest episode of Tor FM featuring tunes from the record pile and a half hour documentary where I go off into the hills of Todmorden with me Kelly Jayne Jones. Really pleased with how this one turned out so give it a listen.

Kelly recently had an article printed in The Wire mag where she talks about really fond memories she has which I and many friends of ours share so yeah, big love to you K, all The MusicrOOOOm attendees and those from the Albert Rd days back in Manchester x



Richard Youngs, Noel Meek & The Slowest Lift

The Slowest Lift are going on a mini tour, in collaboration, with Noel Meek of New Zealand / End of the Alphabet Records. We’re in the middle of working out how that’s going to sound at the moment. And the amazing Richard Youngs is joining us so that’s a bit mind blowing. Post artwork by the talented Julian Bradley. final poster switched.jpg

Divine Ekstasys available to buy


Get your LPs here! Divine Ekstasys, by Delphine Dora and I, is available to buy from me for £15 plus postage. Think it works out as £3 for postage to UK. Click on the picture of Gig and Waka above to go to paypal. If you’re in Europe send me a message first and I’ll find out how much it costs to get to you, it might be cheaper to get one from Delphine Dora in France. If you’re in America you’d be better off buying one directly from You can also pick one up from the tiny record section at Tor Beers, inside the The Golden Lion, Todmorden. Anywhere else in the world, get in touch and we’ll sort something out. Also available to hear on Bandcamp. 


Radio news!

The Slowest Lift did a few tunes for the BBC Radio 3 show called Exposure. Have a listen by clicking the action shot of us below… only up for a month


In unrelated radio themed news you can hear an interview (of sorts) with me, Jake Blanchard, Willie Stewart and Natalia Beylis (of Woven Skull). Chatting and playing tunes basically. It was fun.