Sophie Cooper – Our Aquarius (Wild Silence)

A big thanks to J for writing this kind blog post about Our Aquarius. Copies are available via Delphine on the Wild Silence blog –


Sophie Cooper - Our Aquarius coverIf you spend any time here at Forestpunk, you will know that we are complete and unabashed Anglophiles, despite never having set foot on Albion. Everything that we know of its rolling hillsides, its cobwebbed mornings, has come from Art.

Our Aquarius, the newest offering from West Yorkshire’s Sophie Cooper, is like having some spectral cob cabin materialize amidst yr living room. The door creaks open, the light spills out – there is an enchanting sound pulling you in. Once inside, Cooper whispers her confessionals in yr ear, while phantom shapes murmur in the corner, and archangels flame with stained glass shadows.

Our Aquarius is built around a backbone of delicate, fingerpicked guitar lines and Cooper’s contralto vocals, which are then swarmed with colorful swells of feedback, disembodied field recordings, and “these weird drums I got in Indonesia.” It’s a homemade, cobbled-together affair, but never ragged. Our Aquarius is…

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