warning: fairly emo post about Tor ist Das! Festival.

I’ve waited a few days to share some thoughts on the festival this year because I needed a bit of time to process my emotions and consider various conversations I’ve had over the weekend.

From an organisational point of view, the event couldn’t have gone better and I just want to thank my dearest dear Jake for his incredible ability to sort out the finer details of running something like this and my good friend Ned for his boundless enthusiasm and knowledge of music.

Music wise I can honestly say there was not one bad act. The musicians and visual artists we picked for the festival not only brought their incredible talents along but also ideas about stage theatrics that I couldn’t have come up with alone and these elements added the memorable extra special touches. A massive thank you to Ke Eby who dealt with the sound desk alone (as well as playing on the Friday night!) and did a professional and quality job of it. I’ve never heard that church sound so good.

I just want to say something about the wider community involved. From day one of when we started to organise this event I was inundated with offers of support from all over. Not least from the Todmorden Unitarian committee or the Princess of Todmorden, Gig, at The Golden Lion who generously allowed us to use their spaces but from Todmorden locals, other promoters over the country, various music press and blogs. I’ve felt so motivated by people being totally behind this project the same way I hope they know I am behind theirs. Personally, I see this as really important because without events that bring people together to celebrate music and the community around it my life would not be as enriched. Let’s continue to inspire one another, continue to make and hear great music for as long as possible.

Thanks to everyone, you all rule xxx

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