Gigs n that.

I’ve got a couple of live shows coming up. These are they:

6th September – Leeds At the Town Hall I think, in the crypt with the plastic palmtrees.

17th October – Todmorden at The Golden Lion supporting Tomaga

These are a couple of shows I’m hosting:

30th October – Todmorden, Pretty Lightning, Bridget Hayden and Irma Vep at Golden Lion

31st October – Todmorden Unitarian Church screening of The Wicker Man with musical support by N.Racker

Casual bit of news:

Just putting together a release on a local tape label (I’ll let them announce it properly) which features trombone and electric organ music by me and Delphine Dora. Should be out before the end of the year. Here’s a track from that:

In the midst of writing a solo album for an actual LP release which I’m thrilled about. I’m experimenting a lot with the trombone and the fuzz for this one… here’s a little extract from a small something that happened the other day.

Still waiting for summer to happen.

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