Available for purchase

Hello all –

I have new stock in which you can now buy from me.

The prices are below the pictures. If you want both emailing me on sofiesea@gmail.com before you order to work out the P&P. I have 4 Sophie Cooper official merchandise (ha) badges waiting for the first purchases. Spesh.



Our Aquarius, CDR released on Wild Silence. 

our aquarius on table

UK –


Europe –


Rest of World –


“(…) Cooper’s songs prize repetition but are happy to progress, forming folk mantras that recall the meditations of Fursaxa and the prayers of Richard Youngs. I could probably come up with another ten excellent antecedents to Cooper’s universal sound, but when I listen to Our Aquarius all I hear is her voice, in the many senses of that reverberant word.” (Marc Masters, The Out Door – 200 words)

Delphine Dora and Sophie Cooper – Distance Future. Tape on Was ist Das? 

December update, all sold out now. Thanks!



Distance Future is pure sonic magic, and the strangest part is, we’re never quite sure if we’re heading into, or escaping from the darkness.” (Tristan Bath, The Quietus)


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