trombone aerobics

Performing ‘Trombone Aerobics’ at Sound and Music summer school

“a wonderful British musician who plays lightly deranged guitar and/or keys while singing like she sees bats everywhere” – Bryon Coley, The Wire

Sophie Cooper is a West Yorkshire based musician, curator, educator and creative project facilitator.

Following text has been taken from the hcmf// Sound Pioneers, Fielding Talent page, written by Robin Smith:

“A crucial member of Yorkshire’s far-reaching experimental music scene, Sophie Cooper has spent the last two decades as a songwriter, improviser and noisemaker, duel-wielding guitar and trombone in equal measure. Her recent projects have included the Slowest Lift, a noise pop duo with Vibracathedral Orchestra’s Julian Bradley, and Caravan Comedown, avant-garde’s answer to the common jam band. Cooper’s work travels many lanes: at times it is astral, her fingerpicking guitar and droning horn conjuring up the cosmic. Her work has, however, become increasingly humanistic, concerned with our violent government and its anti-people policies.

Please see the music section of this website for more information about music and composition by Sophie.

In addition to performing and composition, Sophie is heavily involved in the UK underground DIY scene promoting regular shows in Todmorden, West Yorkshire under the name Tor Bookings and is the founder of Tor Festival.

Sophie is a music workshop facilitator specialising in music technology, creative mentoring and music for early years. Recent clients include, Yorkshire Sound Women network, NYMAZSound and Music and Rhythm Time. Sophie also manages learning and participation projects for hcmf// in Huddersfield.

As a response to Covid-19 Sophie has been developing workshops for online facilitation and is always interested in hearing about new ideas for projects. Please contact her on sofiesea@gmail.com to discuss.

Sophie is also a trustee for the Daphne Oram Trust supporting the development of new electronic music and is a member of Ebor Studio. 

Check out the LIVE page for shows.

dial a bone

Performing ‘Dial-a-Bone’ in Cushendall, N. Ireland. Photo by Sandra Bouguerch

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