trombone aerobics

Performing ‘Trombone Aerobics’ at Sound and Music summer school

“Sophie Cooper taking My Bloody Valentine into the lounge of The Great Northern for a new Twin Peaks bar music.” – Steve Malley aka The Horse Loom / The Unit Ama

“a wonderful British musician who plays lightly deranged guitar and/or keys while singing like she sees bats everywhere” – Bryon Coley, The Wire

Sophie Cooper is a West Yorkshire based trombone, guitar player and vocalist. Sophie makes music that explores notions of narrative within unlikely settings through various solo and collaborative song writing projects. She is also interested in producing trombone music that challenges people’s perceptions about how classical instruments ‘should’ be used often via physical performance.

Sophie is a member of The Slowest Lift alongside Julian Bradley of Vibracathedral Orchestra and regularly collaborates with French composer Delphine Dora. She works for hcmf// and freelances for Yorkshire Sound Women Network.

In addition to performing and composition, Sophie is heavily involved in the UK underground DIY scene promoting regular shows in Todmorden, West Yorkshire under the name Tor Bookings and is the founder of Tor Festival. She is also a trustee for the Daphne Oram Trust supporting the development of new electronic music.

Check out the LIVE page for shows.

dial a bone

Performing ‘Dial-a-Bone’ in Cushendall, N. Ireland. Photo by Sandra Bouguerch




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