Spring 2023

Hi folks, I’ve been a bit quiet here on the website, sorry about that! I’m going to try and keep up to date with this by once a month if I’ve got stuff to write about that is. New Release Really excited to be sharing this one, it’s a kind of double A side digital […]

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Refuge from the Ravens – new exhibition

Hi everyone, I have a new sound installation at the Wordsworth Grasmere Museum in the Lake District which is part of a collaborative show called Refuge from the Ravens. This has been put together with Zwiebelfish CIC who are an arts organisation who work with marginalised people, especially those affected by homelessness. Since the start […]

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The Dante Loop – photos!

Ten images where I’ve tried to capture what happened at the John Rylands Library last week during The Dante Loop show. As ever, it’s difficult to photograph sound so if anyone has any ideas about how to do please get in touch. I think I’ve exhausted my Photography A-Level by this point. There’s a video […]

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The Dante Loop: solo show

Hi everyone, If you follow me on the various social medias you’ll have probably seen me mention my solo sound exhibition that starts next week in Manchester’s John Ryland Library. The work has been commissioned by the fantastic Guyda Armstrong who has overseen a whole ‘Designing Dante’ season at the historic library to celebrate Dante’s […]

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