May 2024

Hi everyone,  Time for another update about my Masters practice and other stories. Augmented Reality – audio visual. A few blog posts ago I mentioned applying to Arts Council England for funding for Immersive Greenbooth, the next collaboration I wanted to work on with Babs Smith. At the start of April, two applications and around […]

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hey folks, hope yr all doing ok out there, just wanted to jump on here and fill the world in on a few items I’ve moonlighted on recently. First up, I provided some vocals for this new Stalingrad record: she called herself Tania. Mine is a tiny contribution amongst this excellent collage of dense textures, […]

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Rochdale, Calderdale and Kirklees happenings

Hi folks, hope yr all good out in the world… Had a great time at Wharf Chambers last month playing a solo trombone set. Thanks to Daoud for organising! It made me remember that solo gigs are OK so lemme know if you would like me to play in yr town somehow… Littleborough Arts Festival […]

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Spring 2023

Hi folks, I’ve been a bit quiet here on the website, sorry about that! I’m going to try and keep up to date with this by once a month if I’ve got stuff to write about that is. New Release Really excited to be sharing this one, it’s a kind of double A side digital […]

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