I love and/or admire these people.

Jake Blanchard – artist and biggest fan

Kelly Jones – the entire cosmos in one person (Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides)

Pascal Nichols – true potter

Joincey – free form human

Andie Brown – my spirit guide

Billy AB – a pleasure and a pain

Bridget Hayden – diamond sounds

Chris Hladowski – Bradford bonus presented to me on a train from Sheffield

Andy Jarvis – no words . ..

Alison Blanchard – dear mother

David Blanchard – Split tin goodies

Bram Devens – Ignatz, spell casting S.O.N.G.

Sam McLoughlin – Love letter to Rochdale

Julian Bradley – exquisite calligrapher

Delphine Dora – piano playing queen of France


Beartown Records Bbblood,  Aqua Dentata, Phil Julian


Wild Silence – Delphine Dora and the exquisite taste

Exotic Pylon – Jonny’s gutsy label

Tor Press – Jake’s beautiful releases

Blackest Rainbow – Forget Bruce, Joe is the real boss.

Feral Debris – Best tape label in the Midlands

Open Sound Group – Great online art and sound label

Sheepscar Light Industrial – Get yr 3 inches ere!

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