Solo work: 

Bandcamp –

The Slowest Lift: 

Ongoing collaboration with Julian Bradley of Vibracatherdal Orchestra.

Description by Tristan Bath for The Quietus:

“This duo comprises the fruitful collaboration between two of West Yorkshire’s noisy experimental keystones. Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley have both already spent many a year inverting and interweaving folk and noise tropes under the ‘underground’ umbrella, often in a constantly evolving, and very loose knit collective of residents, visitors, and mates in the Calder Valley. Thus, the solidification of this duo into an ongoing project dubbed The Slowest lift is every bit as organic as one would expect – yet it manages to add a distinct new strand to a widening musical palette.”

Slowest 12 B&WwebBandcamp –


2020 – The Slowest LiftPlutonic Shine, LP, Feeding Tube Records

2020 – Delphine Dora and Sophie CooperGreywood Miniatures part 2, digital, self-released

2019 – Delphine Dora and Sophie CooperGreywood Miniatures, tape, The Dark Outside

2019 – The Slowest LiftPlutonic Shine, tape, self-released

2019 – Sophie Cooper – The Little Room, 3inch CDr, self released

2018 – Noel Meek and The Slowest Lift, CDR, self-released

2018 – Delphine Dora and Sophie CooperDivine Ekstasys, LP, Feeding Tube Records

2017 – The Slowest Lift / The Slowest Lift, LP, VHF Records

2017 – Sophie CooperThe Curfew Tower Recordings, Cassette on Crow vs Crow

2017 – Clouds Once Before Molten RockLive in Alsager, CDR on Wild Silence

2017 – Delphine Dora and Sophie CooperThink Away, Cassette on Was ist Das?

2017 – Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley ‘The Blow Part 3’, Cassette on Front and Follow

2016 – Mike & Cara Gangloff, Jake Blanchard and Sophie Cooper ‘From Sulphur House’, split 7 inch lathe cut with Alistair Galbraith on End of the Alphabet Records.

2016 – Sophie Cooper‘Count the Days’, 3inch CDR on Rural Colours

2015 – Sophie Cooper / Delphine Dora‘Distance Future’, C40 on Was ist Das?

2014 Sophie Cooper – ‘Our Aquarius’, CDR on Wild Silence

2013 Sophie Cooper / Ignatz split cassette on Tor Press.

2013 Sophie Cooper‘Labyrinth’ . Cassette on Exotic Pylon

2013 Sophie Cooper‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’. Download from Open Sound Group

2011 Sofie Sea & Billy AB‘Earthdawn Companion’. C30 Cassette edition of 50 on Bum Tapes

2009 Ben Nash and Sophie Cooper‘Alchemy’. CD edition of 1000 on Blackest Rainbow

2009 Sofie Sea‘True Stories’. CDR edition of 50, self released.

2008 Tom Cool‘Don’t Care Bears’ C30 edition of 50 on Sumo Cloud

2007 CooperJones split with Cars (a duo of Pascal Nichols and Patrick Farmer) – C30 Cassette on Night People

2007 CooperJones‘Live from Rich’s bedroom’. C3o cassette self-released. (People were invited to send me tapes and I’d do them a copy of this gig. In theory this is still available should you want a copy)

2007 Ben Nash and Sophie Cooper ‘Untitled’. CDR edition of 100 on Blackest Rainbow

2007 CooperJones‘Never Dirty’. CDR edition of 100 on Blackest Rainbow

2006 CooperJones‘CooperJones’. C30 cassette edition of 50 on Lotus Birth Cassettes


2020 – Various Artists – Cabin Fever Cleansed My Mind Vol.1, Chocolate Monk

2017 – Lessons, Front and Follow

2016 Radio 15Kit Records

2015 – Rivers, Rushes and Rodents, Leigh Folk Festival comp.

2015 XPYLONCharity release for MIND

2014 A Berry Feast 2014The Compilation.

2014 Running on Air Comp – called: Fluviology

2008 Tom Cool‘Moon Foil’ track on a compilation/zine put together by Billy AB. Limited edition on Sumo Cloud


2019 – United Bible Studies, Portis Sepolti 

2017 – United Bible Studies, The Star of the Sea moves today to it’s rising

2017 – Ore, Belatedly, LP on Box Records

2017 – Alison O’Donnell, Climb Sheer the Fields of Peace, LP on Mega Dodo


2020 – Sophie Cooper, Duvet Day

2017 – United Bible Studies, Tusk Festival

2014 – Live at Cafe Oto

2014, July – Live in Leitrim, Ireland with David Colohan of United Bible Studies

Live at St. Margaret’s Church, Manchester October 2013

Live at Rammel Club, Nottingham March 2012

2010 – ‘Cardboard Hawaii’ installation at Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick, London.

Multi-media art installation complete with musical soundtrack composed with samples taken from Hawaiian cassette tapes. Collaboration piece with artist Billy AB and help from Rahul Bery, Alannah Chance, Jen Glyn and Clemence Bartram. Part of Elevator Gallery’s ‘Dada Supercharger’ event.


Older Projects:


A double gtr duo with Kelly-Jayne Jones playing long variations on themes. We were inspired by seeing Ben Reynolds and Andy Jarvis play at Stoke-on-Trent’s musicroooom, listening to Bert & John plus a few bottles of red for nerves. We would also play with Pascal Nichols on drums from time to time.

Photographed for Bristol’s Venn fest press.

Leopard Leg

CooperJones played a gig supporting Leopard Leg in our friends front room in Manchester. After seeing Leopard Leg play I asked if I could jam with them sometime and I was invited me to stay with them in Brighton for a couple of months. It was a great experience and opened me up to the joy of playing with a huge group of people.

I’m the undead bride on the right

Tom Cool

I went round to Billy AB’s house in Manchester to have a jam with his housemate Gaz who’d forgotten and wasn’t in. Billy offered to play with me instead and we formed Tom Cool (named after a guy I went to school with who’d made me the compilation tape which Billy and I recorded that first jam over). This was a psychedelic instrumental guitar/keyboards/vocals band mostly although we did have a stab at being a Neil Young covers band once.

Photographed in Manchester’s famous ‘3 Pound Shop’

Ben Nash and Sophie Cooper (duo)

I met Ben in Sheffield when he was doing the sound for a gig I was playing there although I didn’t remember this for years and thought I’d just met him out one night in Manchester. We recorded two albums for Blackest Rainbow records and played two gigs in Sheffield.

Live at the Red House, Sheffield

Sofie Sea

This is a flexible title for my solo song work. I’ve also used Sophie Cooper when playing live recently. I’ve written songs mostly using guitar, keyboards and various pedals but with the main focus being on words/song. The songs are mostly based on real life events.

The cover of Sofie Sea’s True Stories

Gals with Guitars

Gals with Guitars is a large scale participatory project I co-manage with artists Sharon Gal and Andie Brown. We invite women of all guitar playing abilities to attend a workshop that is run over two days. During the workshop we compose a piece to be performed live on the second day.

workshop at Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick

Other projects:

Wing Horses – with Billy AB (keyboard), Ellen Mary McGee (Drums and vocals) and me on acoustic guitar. Long form psychedelic songs.

Remedial Queen of England – with Joincey (electronics), Andie Brown (bass guitar) and me on electric guitar. Full spectrum drone.

Palm Harts – one off collaboration with Pascal Nichols. Double Casio VLTone and microphone noise battle.

A-Band – I’ve played live with the A-Band on a few occasions, always a hoot.

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