A trip down south

A list of moments that took place between 21st – 25th July 2014. 

  • Travelled down to London 
  • Got offered a new job
  • Saw my friend Alannah and her nice new gaff 
  • Went out for tea and spent only £4 on an amazing curry 
  • Went to St John’s and saw Karen O’Dwyer and Julia Holter live. Loved the church. 
  • Caught up with some pals after the show 
  • Went down to Tunbridge Wells to hang out with my old school pal and her new babe, Maya. 
  • Went to Cafe Oto to experience some noise boys (including Phil Julian) and drank a load of strong pale ale
  • Met Delphine Dora for the first time – what a sweetheart! I love the way she says “wee-fee” for ‘wi-fi’ and the enthusiasm she displayed when presented with a free bottle of Evian at Waterloo station.
  • Travelled up to beautiful Winchester to play a show at The Railway with Joe Evans and Sebastian Hegarty. Joe organised it with Matt Poacher.
  • Joe showed an amazing film about the solar system and played an autoharp, I spilt my rose and lemonade on stage, Sebastian made sounds from fizzing up fossils and Delphine improvised on an old upright piano. 
  • Had a great glass of wine with Joe and his lovely wife Sarah. 
  • Delphine and I had a wander round Winchester and picked up some cheap tea towels. 
  • We travelled down to London on a freezing cold train. 
  • I went to have a long chat with my new boss and Delphine had a foot massage. 
  • We went over to Cafe Oto and hung out with another friend’s new baby, Owen. 
  • Aine O’Dwyer showed up looking like a film star! 
  • I played a set and didn’t spill my drink although I did mention it, Aine played her harp with her bow and fingers then Delphine went to piano town on that big grand they have there. 
  • We all had a GnT back at Andie’s house
  • I got up super early and got in a cab back to Dalston 
  • Went to NTS studio to see Graham Dunning and play a few tunes there. It’s a tiny studio and I had to tell someone off outside for chatting but he took it well. 
  • I can’t remember what I said but it was something about Thai food. 

That’s about it… the festival followed but I’ll do another report on that later. 

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