Airplay on The Mystery Lesson


A new track I’ve written called Sexy, Sexy, Sexy George got played on Daniel Spicer’s The Mystery Lesson over the weekend. A world first! The song is based on a crush from afar that took place at Brighton’s Colour out of Space which is funny timing because the fest is on again this very weekend. The track is from my new tape Labyrinth which comes out on the 14th November via Exotic Pylon records.

Hear it here:

For filling up this blog post reasons here’s another link to one of Daniel’s show where he gave some of my music some air time a couple of years ago. Thanks Dan.

The Mystery Lesson is dead mint so I advise you to have a look through the archives if you get the chance.

Cheers all.


PS: visit Todmorden! It’s lovely at the moment. This is me yesterday…

sof woods


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