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Just wanted to post an update about Tor Festival… the crowdfunding is going really well. We’re just under a week in and have made 75% of our target which is just amazing so thanks to everyone who pledged already. There are still loads of tickets available via our Kickstarter page just click on the little guy below for a direct link to it. When I say loads, there are only 11 full weekend tickets still going but plenty for the Saturday. 



We are really pleased to have the support of friends Incredible Edible Todmorden, the saviours of veg in the Calder Valley! They have written a lovely blog about the festival which you can read by clicking on their logo below: 

ImageBy the way, if you fancy writing a piece on your blog or in a mag or whatnot please get in touch @sofingusa or 

MORE OF NEWS: We have added the excellent Jason Steel to the Sunday show and Todmorden based sound artist Helmet Lemke who will be installing an outdoor sound experience which looks to be very wow!  

Coincidence: I’ve done a bit of research and found out that we share a name with the Por Tor Festival of Phuket.

“Thailand, Ethnic Chinese in Phuket believe that Por Tor Kong is a God of Devil. The seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar is believed to be the period when spirits are released. The gates are opened and spirits released to wander or revisit homes. During the festival, people bring food and nicely-decorated fruits to make offerings to Por Tor Kong to pass onto those spirits. An essential offering for the festival is a red turtle-shaped cake, large or small. They believe that turtles symbolise longevity.” 


The first Tor Festival is taking place downstairs at a Thai restaurant in the 7th calendar month so I believe we are fated! 



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