Clouds Once Before Molten Rock

New live album featuring friends in Alsager near Stoke-on-Trent. CDR available on the ever giving Wild Silence label. 

– an ensemble improvisation by Stuart Arnot / Sophie Cooper / Delphine Dora / Andy Jarvis / Kelly Jayne Jones / Joincey / Mike de Oliveira

Live in Alsager (August 2016)

Players :

Stuart Arnot – trumpet, walkman
Sophie Cooper – trombone, electronics, vocals
Delphine Dora – vocals, computer, MIDI keyboard, percussions, electronics
Andy Jarvis – violin, percussion, vocals, tapes
Kelly Jayne Jones – flute, singing bowls, rocks
Joincey – snare drums, bells, dictaphone
Mika de Oliveira – cello, percussion, koto, flute, vocals

Artwork : Dovile Simonyte

Also on Wild Silence is the incredible album by Andie Brown and Sharon Gal called Mami Wata, seriously good. Highest recommendation from me and all that, buy both of these CDRS!

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