Collaboration with Julian Bradley

I’ve been working on a new collaboration with Julian Bradley (the piss superstition / Vibracathedral Orchestra) and have been absolutely loving it. Can’t wait to get the record released but for now here’s a nice pic of the two of us, some words on the collab and a song we’ve been working on. First live outing will be at this year’s Supernormal Festival. 


Separated by Lancashire-West Yorkshire boundary, Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley have recently embarked on a new distance duo for performance at this year’s Supernormal Festival. A release is also in the works as a result of this project.

Julian Bradley is a founder member of Vibracathedral Orchestra, solo as The Piss Superstition, in Never Rad with Luke Poot, and a past member of The Negative Kite. His sound has been described as intricate electronic calligraphy produced by malfunctioning effects units, tapes and guitar.

In collaboration with Sophie Cooper, a musician interested in reimagining the conventions of song writing through incorporation of drones, weird noises and alternative vocal approaches, the duo have created a series of pieces where fuzztone and feedback patterns pulsate, sweet vocal lines play with repetition and a sense of maximalism is achieved.

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