Cops and Robbers Summer Festival

Cops and Robbers Carnival
Cops and Robbers Carnival

This is the next show I’m playing and what a fantastic line up to be a part of! Plus, it’s a Sunday gig and I love doing them… (sure I’ve mentioned that once or twice before)

Another reason I’m excited about playing this is because it’s a Cops and Robbers event which as an “organisation” has been an incredibly important part of my personal music history after becoming aware of them when I was about 19 or 20 living in Manchester. At that time I was involved with a bunch of folks putting gigs on under the name ‘Help yourself Manchester’. They organised┬áhouse shows for bands like Noxagt, Vialka, and loads of bands from Leeds such as Bilge Pump and Brown Owl. After meeting all these people coming over to play the shows I felt compelled to visit Leeds, particularly the postcode area of LS6 which had an almost mystical status in my mind, and over the next few years I would catch the train over and spend the weekend with friends who I made through putting flyers down in record shops and MySpace.

What was the most striking thing about it this scene was just how involved, active and up for anything everyone was! Cops and Robbers (and associates it seemed like everyone was doing something) have been constantly on it for years and years and this was totally inspiring to see. They have constantly knocked out those photocopied flyers, kept┬áthe forums alive, encouraged and supported others to put on shows (this ain’t an ego thing), opened up new interesting spaces to perform in, organised some wild parties, the list goes on…

Cops and Robbers and everything going on in the Manchester DIY scene definitely installed in me one of my biggest motivators which is that life is pretty boring if you’re not making or doing something productive. For me at the moment that means making music but the bottom line is I think it’s so important to stay passionate about what you believe in. Cops and Robbers and DIY music culture taught me this and I’m happy to feel it.

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