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It’s a curious thing to be automatically given time off to observe a religious celebration despite not following the faith. I propose that the “Easter holidays” be renamed to something more inclusive of everyone’s beliefs such as ‘Citizens of the world, have a bit of time off’ but I suppose that’s not as catchy. How should we rename the “Christmas” period?

So on that day called Easter Sunday I’m playing a gig in Leeds at Wharf Chambers. The line up looks good and long. Read about it below and hope to see you there:

Easter Sunday all day noisy weirdo doings.

===Arma Agharta=== (Lithuania)
Dada sound artist working with synths, electronics, vocals, and ritual performance, his giddy set last year at W/C was an absurd treat!

===Tasos Stamou=== (Greece/London)
“arrangements with self-modified electronics (circuit bending) and found objects, electronic music equipment (modular synthesizers & computer applications), acoustic instruments (prepared zither, reeds, whistles, vocals, etc) and video synthesizers”
(Tasos and Arma will also be performing a set as a duo)

===Sophie Cooper===
Ghostly and enchanting folk songs draped in drone, noise and psych for maximum glow and woozy heartache.

===Tor Invocation Band===
Revolving door local improvising super-group revolving around Jake Blanchard and his Japan Banjo. This time joined by Chris Hladowski (Family Elan), Pete Turner, Andrew Jarvis (United Bible Studies), Sam Mcloughlin and the inimitable Joincey.

===Ashtray Navigations===
Leeds weirdo lifers always a thrill. Recent (amazing) recordings have dipped toes in the direction of bizarre 80’s digital dub but maintaining plenty of that levitational psych choogle you love so much.

===Embla Quickbeam===
Recent Brighton to Calder valley transplant Rowan Forestier uses field recording, home-made instruments and tape. “Emerging from a netherworld of spectral radio phonics and atmospheric ambience, her off-kilter symphonies of haunted rapture and discordant dreamscapes are a glimpse into a kingdom of unsettling beauty and a monocle for the third eye.”

===Inverted Nepal===
Pete Cann and Paul Walsh hose you down with jets of hyperdetailed hyperdynamic err… hypersound? “Cacophonous whirring n’ surging of vast hideous insectoid factories grinding with assemblies of violent morphogenesis.”

===Marlo & Mel===
Mystery junk heap happenings with local/international heroes Marlo Eggplant and Mel O’Duhbslaine.

===Aimmar Cair===
Noise / ambient / droney sections / harsh things

PLUS: Cops & Robbers will be doing some food to keep you going, with profits going towards their continued printing costs.

7 pounds/5 pounds unwaged or less if you need, come and have a word.

Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club is a members’ club, and you need to be a member, or a guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

Wharf Chambers operates a Safer Spaces policy. Details can be viewed here:

wharf sunday

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