Dear diary

I seem to be spending a fair bit of time juggling a lot of musical plates at the moment. Currently preparing for a solo gig this Saturday with the lovely Daniel Bachman and hilarious user of Miitomo Dean McPhee. Last time I saw Dan was in Durham, North Carolina. We drank $4 bottles of wine acquired at some posh health food shop which made the price tag more acceptable. Anyway, it’ll be great, in Todmorden, at The Golden Lion. Here’s a FB page for it. So yeah. I’ve actually got a release out soon but I guess I’ve got to wait for the label to “announce” it or whatnot. It’s a solo trombone job, drone songs, I’m pleased with it. I’ve been asked to make another solo record but again, under the hat for now. You know how the music biz is. I’m going to France this month to record another record with Delphine Dora at her isolated home location. Mountains just everywhere apparently but I can’t imagine going skiing. Fair amount of snow about right now isn’t there? We are playing our first live show together while I’m out there on the 28th May at La Loupiote – Cafe Asso, Aurillac, France. I’m hoping DD knows where this is because I don’t. We will be performing together at Supernormal Festival in August and following that we will be doing a few dates around the UK, there’ll be a separate memo regarding these details later on. I’m performing twice at Supernormal but again, can’t say what until the festival does. I’d like to announce it to the world right now because I’m really happy with the preparations for this one, sounds ace. Another thing, I’ll be at the festival Sin Eater in June, playing trombone with the Tor Invocation Band. That’ll be a laugh. Hoping my new dog Dana will be allowed to come along for the show. Ok, better stop this ramble now.

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