End of 2019

Hey folks,

Just wanted to say Happy New Year and to have a bit of a reflect on what I’ve been up to this year. Feels like it’s been a year of addressing work / career, getting my house in order, that kind of thing. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’ve done enough of my own creative stuff as I’d like to but I’m going to sort that out for 2020.

That said, I’ve put out 3 releases in 2019…

One solo jams CDR – The Little Room. Quite pleased with this one and sort of defines a new direction I want to take guitar playing in. Sometimes I forget I even play the guitar but here we are:

God bless you Jeffery Davison at the legendary wfmu for giving it a few spins on your show – https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/88180

The Slowest Lift, Plutonic Shine. I love this album and am looking forward to seeing it come out on lovely plastic (soz) vinyl in the New Year on Feeding Tube Records.

Greywood Miniatures, by me and Delphine Dora. Been sitting on this for ages if I’m honest. There’s like another 13 tracks we should release at some point. Maybe we’ll do a part 2 in 2020.

I played 17 gigs this year, a few in new collaborations including a big jam with Gnod at Tor Festival, with Emmanuelle Parrenin at Cafe Oto, with Roy Claire Oto = SatNavTod and with new Vibra/ Slowest Lift spin off group (?) Caravan Comedown. Got the recordings of these as well knocking around. Lots of improvisation in structured and non structured ways has gone down.

I had an almost year long residency at Huddersfield Uni creating a piece for hcmf// (who I’ve ended up working for since, cheers guys!) and I put an insane amount of hours into creating ‘Intact’ which is a trombone/vocals piece for 66 speakers. The live playback reception was really great at hcmf//, full house there to hear my intrusive thoughts related to my situation with immediate family members. A problem shared? It was an amazing experience, would love to do more of this if anyone knows how to go about that…?? I’ve not put the track online anywhere yet because I’m not sure what to do with it. If you wanna hear it ask and I’ll send you a link. It got played on BBC Radio 3 which was a nice surprise!

Jake and I had our Composer / Curator residency with Sound and Music which has all gone very well. I had an interview with them about Tor Festival if you fancy a read here.

Oh I dunno, guess I’ll stop going on about myself and head to the Golden Lion v soon. Expect more solo guitar stuff from me and who knows what from The Slowest Lift in 2020. Plus tons of gigs in Todmorden.. intend to keep all this up. I did a survey of all the gigs I put on last year and 69% of the artists were women or non-binary which I’m proud of. I aimed for 50:50 so goes to show what you can do if you are mindful of a situation.

Enough, enough. Lots of love and hopefully see you in some way or another in 2020.

Sof x

photo taken just yesterday by Robin Smith: me and Dana hill




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