Found some CDs in the cupboard..

Did that classic thing of forgetting about some merch I have available and then found them again during my recent house move.

I now have a few copies of mine and Ben Nash’s 2009 album, Alchemy, for sale. It came out on Blackest Rainbow.

Here’s what Brian of Norman Records said about it:

“The ever pulsating musical garden of delights that is Blackest Rainbow proudly present a CD of shimmering guitar textures & drifting, abstract musings from the finely twinned duo of Sophie Cooper & Ben Nash. Thought provoking shards of echo-laden scree mix it up with minute slivers of dusty guitar drone before opening into a peaceful clearing where sad-eyed sustained keyboard tones (that seem to have fallen from an early Human League record ) cross swords with these fascinating metallic scrapes derived from some ancient Eastern behemoth of a stringed appliance. The combined effect of this melancholy analogue keyboard droning away & the chinking, chiming Samurai sounds is well beautiful, truly progressive & blissed out.”

I’m selling them for £2 plus £1.50 for P&P. Click on the image below and I will post you one as soon as possible.

Click to buy on PayPal.
Click to buy on PayPal.

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