Hello 2021

Hi everyone,

I normally do a little end of year blog on here but it felt a bit inappropriate to do it this time somehow. The year we would all want to forget, so I’ll look forward. Things are ok here, sticking to the stay at home rules rigidly, The Little Room has come back into use again after moving all my stuff back from my studio up the road, temporarily I hope. Making trombone playing in a box room work.

I felt it was quite hard to be motivated to record music last year, but I did quite a lot of finger picking on my trusty parlour guitar over the summer and a lot of those finger picking patterns have made their way into some songs that have now been completed. Doing that gig for Feeding Tube was a really great way to reconnect to making music, which for me, I associate so heavily with the live experience of performing and the rehearsal leading up to the shows. Since the show I’ve managed to record some stuff and it looks like I might have a solo album finished: Goodbye Gemini. Just working out what form it will take now. Also considering a little self released single to accompany this.

A few exciting things coming up in 2021, I’m lucky to be working with a fantastic production company in Hereford called Feral Productions and together we’ll be creating two site specific works likely at the start of summer. Both are installation pieces using text and one of them deals with film as well. More details as they emerge. With my studio pals we are creating a group show for Manchester International Festival that will take place at the start of July. I’ve been loaned several tiny speakers from the Yorkshire Sound Women Network that I’ll use for a DIY spatial sound piece at St Chad’s Church in Rochdale. It’s good to have projects on the horizon, I’m grateful for them.

I’ve been taking part in lots of different online sound courses through lockdown that have been really beneficial. It’s been fantastic to be able to take part in courses that are normally out of my reach geographically so I hope that providers will continue to educate in this format. One of the courses I’ve been part of is being run by Brighter Sound in Manchester. The course is to support ‘Women Leaders in Music’, all based in the North, and I was really happy to be selected for the opportunity. There are 12 of us on the course and it’s been so great to meet everyone, share experiences and learn from the ace course leaders. This will carry on until May.

Right, think that’s all I’ve got for now.

All the very best and stay safe x Sof

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