Ireland 2017!

Going to be back in Ireland for a couple of weeks very soon. This is where I’ll be, come down to a live show if you’re in the neighbourhood! Love and thanks to both The Penthouse and Greywood Arts for the invite and opportunities. (In case you’re wondering, these are back to back because I’m tied to school holidays, you gotta do what you gotta do)

  • 8th – 14th April – Solo residency at Curfew Tower near Belfast, N. Ireland
  • 13th April – Open House event at Curfew Tower / Solo Performance with Three Eyed Makara playing + possible collaboration
  • 14th April – solo trombone set at ‘Fuzzy Hell House’, Athlone, Ireland. message for address.
  • 15th – 23rd April – Residency with Delphine Dora at Greywood Arts, County Cork, Ireland.
  • 16th April -Sophie Cooper / Delphine Dora duo show at Gulpd Cafe, Cork
  • 21st April – Sophie Cooper / Delphine Dora duo performance, Open House event at Greywood Arts


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