June update

Eh up lockdown crew, or not? I dunno. Enjoy that pint responsibility if you’re going to bother or just sit at your house still would be my advice. Enough of that.

I’ve been ok! Had quite a bit of work on for various people so keeping busy. I guess this is a moment to put it out there that I’m responsibly good at delivering workshops online by this point so if you need someone for online teaching around music topics get in touch: sofiesea@gmail.com Sound creation, event management, creative advice.. that kind of area. Can also play trombone on your tracks so get in touch if you need someone like Heloise Tunstall-Behrens did:

Heloise Tunstall-Behrens ยท Virtual Beach

Not been too much movement here on the writing music front but I have been playing a lot of acoustic guitar and writing songs again. Just trying to work out how to put them into the world in an interesting way because who needs another singer songwriter? My studio reopened last week so I’ve spent quite a few hours making tape loops in there which might amount to something.

I did release a track on a Chocolate Monk compilation ‘Cabin Fever Cleansed My Mind Vol1″ http://chocolatemonk.co.uk/available.html It’s called ‘The Joke We Made Before’ which is a reference to my friends joking about never wanting to leave the valley we inhabit and how they got their wish.

I’ve been putting out Tor FM broadcasts on The Neon Hospice still, they have been a lot of fun and wildly entertaining, so much so that I am afraid to listen back although I’m sure I’ve got an ok radio voice.

I’ve joined the Daphne Oram Trust as a trustee which is exciting! We’re going to give the website a revamp and plan some activity which I’ll write about on here no doubt: http://daphneoram.org/ an honour indeed.

Ok that’ll do, just wanted to update my blog really and reach out to HUMANS ARE YOU LISTENING???

x S o f



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