Killeagh, Co Cork

Don’t know where to start really, seems like a long time since I was in Cushendall and even longer since Todmorden. Thinking about coming home a bit and that seems like a nice idea. Not that I’ve not had an amazing time here of course.

It’s been bizarre how these two residencies with different people in different places have informed each other in ways I never imagined they would. Today Delphine and I made some music for an improv. dance class in Cork and it really opened my mind to chance. I’m not that convinced by improv. generally, I like my tunes, but – seeing these people moving to our sounds and hearing our sounds moving to the people was inspirational (not Rainbow Rhythms). I thought about Dial-a-bone from last week and developed the idea with Delphine tonight. We have the occasional lost in translation moment between us and it leads to strange places where we are happy to hang out for a while.

Greywood Arts is a special place and we’re honoured to be the first “proper” (Jessica said that, she’s the owner) guests. A fabulous building with more rooms than I’ve ever seen.

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