March news


I’ve not done an update for a bit so here is one. Few things to report.

First off I’m in residency at Huddersfield Uni from now until November which is really exciting. I’m there to write a new piece for the 66 speaker surround sound set up they have for Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. I met with the other 4 women composers taking part in the programme a couple of weeks ago and everyone was so nice and supportive. Really happy to have this opportunity and can’t wait to write the piece. Read more about this here –

Few gigs coming up soon –

Best poster by Julian Bradley for Ireland shows below.


New The Slowest Lift photo by the fabulous Nic Chapman (who took that photo of me on the hill a couple of years ago. Nic rules)

Slowest 12 B&Wweb

Last bit of news for now is I got asked to write about working for Rhythm Time and how working with music and young people has had an impact on my musical practice for The Wire mag. It’s part of an issue called ‘The Great Learning’ and I suggest you get a copy because it’s really interesting.


ta, me duckies x

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