mid week residency report

I arrived at Cushendall’s Curfew Tower on Saturday night and met my fellow residency artist Sandra Bouguerch. Spent the evening getting to know Sandra at the local. Made friends with a butcher and watched the Grand National so VERY out of my comfort zone in terms of animal welfare. Didn’t realise quite how strongly I felt about this before. Really missing the dog.

Been walking around this area, such wonderful natural beauty. The beach is perfect and there’s a red squirrel sanctuary overlooked by a fairy hill nearby. If you told the girl from Stoke in me that she’d have an affinity with nature later in life we would both laugh. The town is so noisy which is a challenge for writing music in but I’ve decided to embrace it rather than fight against it. Room recordings are the way forward and barely any EQ.


I’ve been slightly obsessed with EVP recordings for some time now and perhaps it seems like an obvious thing to do in a 200 year old tower but I’ve been thinking a lot about ghosts. Space inbetween thoughts is often occupied with unwanted presences, I use a distraction method to counteract these but here the silence is too infrequent to need to. The mind is full of sounds and it’s hard to think. I’m reminded of a film I watched last year which was set in Hebden Bridge (forget the name) but I wrote a line down – “If I wanted to I could fill this room with ghosts, but I won’t” and I think I’ve just understood what it means. Fighting natural instincts.

Made some really weird music. Taught Sandra what wild garlic is. Been in bed really early every night.


[1977] Dell’Universo Assente – Luciano Cillio, The Well-Tuned Piano – La Monte Young, Music of Morocco recorded by Paul Bowles 1959. The Slumber Party Massacre, 1982.


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