hey folks,

hope yr all doing ok out there, just wanted to jump on here and fill the world in on a few items I’ve moonlighted on recently.

First up, I provided some vocals for this new Stalingrad record: she called herself Tania. Mine is a tiny contribution amongst this excellent collage of dense textures, hardcore Bradford at its best.

Mark Williamson aka Spaceship took me out around Blackshaw Head to record some outdoor trombone drones for his new record Outcrops. Very cool to be led on this semi-improvised piece alongside pals dbh and Sam McLoughlin.

Lastly, I produced this record alongside poet Phil Davenport who put together this unique and fascinating collection of music. An honour to mix the pieces and provide some random bits of electromagnetic sounds among it all.

Other than that, not loads to report here, I’ve been gardening a lot. Mainly cracking on with my Masters research which I’m still really enjoying.. will prob do another post about that sometime soon. Not got too many gigs booked but I am playing a short set at Nan Moors in Todmorden on the 7th May at my friend Edd’s request.

All best,