Musics for sale!

I HAVE SOME STUFF FOR SALE! But not much. Everything here is £6 each plus the postage, see bottom of post for those prices.

Think Away with Delphine Dora I’m assured is in the post from Ned over in America so if you want to hold out until that one shows up as well just drop me an email and we’ll sort something out. Likewise this live CD I’ve just had out called Cloud Once Before Molten Rock but am waiting to come from France.

I’ve not done paypal buttons because it’s a long winded pain to do on wordpress so if you want anything email me: Thank you for your custom x – Sof

Kit Records tape compilation: 

From the label: “It’s fun arranging such brilliant songs performed by your friends. Spanning strung out folk, African acapella, recumbent psych, extended ragas and paranoid glitch, ‘Radio 15’ comprises live recordings made by Kit Records in the NTS Live studio during 2015.

Opening with the homespun blues freakouts of Sophie Cooper, this tape soon goes all dreamy under the mystical bow of Cara Stacey, before Jam Money’s heady brew of bass clarinet, bowed guitar plus assorted bells and whistles. Side B begins with the timeless beauty of rubab master Liam Rees, who is then joined by his virtuosic equal on the tabla, Sarathy Korwar. Devon Loch and Cosmic Neighbourhood provide a psychedelic outro tinged with playful melancholy and naive improvisation.”


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The Blow Part 3 – Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley album on Front and Follow 

From the label: “Front and Follow present the third in our series of split releases bringing together two of our favourite artists. Volume 3 features the wonderful Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley.

‘The Blow’ project brings two artists together to formulate a collaborative release of their own making. Each artist has a side of audio to do whatever they want with. The two artists are encouraged to work together on the release, but the length and depth of this collaboration is completely up to them and agreed on a release-by-release basis – there are no set parameters, no fancy rules, no memorandum of understanding, no initiation ceremonies.

Each edition of The Blow comes on limited edition cassette with artwork by letterpress artist David Armes of Red Plate Press (, and download.

Bradley and Cooper approached creating their submission to ‘The Blow’ series with the cassette format very much in mind, collaborating fully on each track throughout the album by means of file sharing. The duo had the concept of weaving pieces together both in the sense of musically flowing the tracks into one another and by reintroducing motifs and imagery throughout the entire album. As such, the recordings are intended to be played as two distinct sides of a tape, rather than hearing the tracks individually on the digital version.

Julian Bradley is a founder member of Vibracathedral Orchestra, solo as The Piss Superstition, in Never Rad with Luke Poot, and a past member of The Negative Kite. His sound has been described as music that’s eroded and smeared until its original content is obliquely hinted at or lost.

In collaboration with Sophie Cooper, a musician interested in reimagining the conventions of song writing through incorporation of drones, weird noises and alternative vocal approaches (and collaborator with Delphine Dora and United Bible Studies), the duo have created a series of pieces where fuzztone and feedback patterns pulsate, sweet vocal lines play with repetition and a sense of maximalism is achieved.

In 2016 Supernormal Festival commissioned Sophie Cooper to create a new duo work for performance and her first choice for collaborator was Julian Bradley. The commission was successful and Bradley / Cooper choose to continue the duo beyond this live performance, and are now a permanent collaboration under the name ‘The Slowest Lift’.”

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Count The Days EP on Rural Colours – long sold out from the label! 

From the label: “Having caught Sophie Cooper live a few times over the past couple of years we are pleased to announce her debut Rural Colours outing in the form of ‘Count the Days’. Sophie’s previous work has often focused on guitar as the main instrument, however as a trained trombone player, she has recently begun to explore the possibilities of this instrument, the pure yet deep tones being a natural ally for drone work.

Using the trombone alongside her ethereal vocal style, loop pedal and a couple of other gadgets, Sophie has created an atmospheric collection of pieces inspired by thoughts she had after a natural funeral ceremony she attended in the Hope Valley, a beautiful spot in Derbyshire. Captured by the idea that everything is eventually forgotten and recycled, Sophie has run with this concept in terms of creating loops and motifs that themselves are repeated and worked upon, the new ideas eventually engulfing the old.

The EP also features recordings of Sophie’s Grandad who worked in London as a piano player for silent films. With such a back story, the short vocal fragments act as a reminder to Sophie as well as the listener to always keep practicing and learning.”

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CDR / cassette £1.50 + £0.50 per additional

CDR / cassette £4.50 + £0.50 per additional

CDR / cassette £5.50 + £1.00 per additonal

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