New Releases


I had a new 3 inch EP out on the ace Rural Colours label last week. I dipped a toe into the waters of ambient drone trombone for it… Actual copies will be on sale at my gigs but you can also have a listen here:


This amazing 7 inch also came out, or is due to soon, on NZ based label ‘End of the Alphabet Records’. Alastair Galbraith is on one side (swoon swoon, I love this guy’s music like you wouldn’t believe) and I’m playing piano and singing with Mike n Cara Gangloff and me Jake Blanchard on the other. It’s a dream come true, have a listen:


Just came back from France where I was recording and practicing with Delphine Dora. We have a few shows coming up in the UK this summer so have a look at my Live dates to see where. We’ll see what happens with the new recordings.

Lastly I’ve been working on a new project with someone to be revealed (by the guys who asked it to happen in the first place) but here’s a song that we’ve been working on. I’m loving this collaboration so much…

– Sof x


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