New tracks on a compilation and a radio show

eh up… I do promise to get round to writing about the wonder that was Tor Fest sometime soon, this weekend? I’m playing a gig on Sunday at Wharf Chambers, I’m on stage (or the floor) at 7.40pm so maybe see you there if you are a Leeds area gig attender. Still got some of them Sophie Cooper official merchandise badges left so ask nicely and you will definitely receive. 

Fluviology, click to buy
Fluviology, click to buy

This picture above represents a new CD I’m on along with Sebastian Hegarty, Joe Evans and Delphine Dora. You can hear some bits off it in on the soundcloud over here. It was made by the ace Running on Air folks down in Winchester where I performed a few weeks ago. They make these releases to support the evenings there so do buy one if you fancy it. 

I was on NTS Live with Graham Dunning (good Burnley lad) the week before last playing some tunes and having a bit of a chat which you can hear on G’s mixcloud — click here! 

That’s about it for now. I will knock up a ‘review’ of Tor Fest very soon… 

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