Old boys sitting by the river & other stories

Bit late in the day but Happy New Year folks!

I had a lovely Christmas and NY over in SE Asia where I made a bunch of field recordings on the instruction of These Feathers Have Plumes which are sounding pretty good… considering making an album called ‘Moments to Go’ with them. 

chats during the midday call in Campang Tiga, South Sumatra

Just thought I’d do a short ‘news’ bit… I played a gig in Leeds last weekend which was just so much fun and I’ve got a couple of other ones lined up for Bradford and Shipley at the end of Feb which I’m looking forward to very much. I’ve detailed them in the Live section on this blog if you’re interested. 

I’m in the middle of organising a tour of Ireland (and a bit of a holiday) for the end of June and start of July so if anyone reading this has any suggestions on where is good to play (or go camping) I’d love to hear from you: sofiesea@gmail.com 

Here are a couple of recent reviews of Labyrinth and my split with Ignatz: 

Labyrinth review on The Big Takeover 

Split tape review on Radio Free Midwich 

Think that’s all for now, S x


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