Plutonic Shine, vinyl version now on pre-order

Hello friends, hope you’re all doing ok out there in isolation land. Things are fine in Todmorden, we’ve had to close Tor Beers for a bit, gigs have been cancelled, the same as what a lot of other people are going through. We’ll be alright. the-slowest-lift-3000-scaledI’m on here to tell you that Feeding Tube have put our The Slowest Lift record ‘Plutonic Shine’ up for pre-order and it will be available after the 24th April. If you review records  or have a radio show and want to have a DL just ask.


Loving this description by Byron Coley:

“Vinylization of last year’s cassette by UK duo, The Slowest Lift. Comprised of Julian Bradley (Vibracathedral Orchestra, etc.) and Sophie Cooper (whose Divine Ekstasys LP, FTR 342, is a dang classic), The Slowest Lift has been producing high-quality avant-pop form-waffling for several years. Their eponymous debut album was on VHF, and Plutonic Shine continues their drive into the heart of some very weird beast.

Sophie’s vocals sometimes breath like the air itself, although they can also surface as distorted puffs of lung-powered color, melodically-oriented, but trapped by no ordinary sense of song structure. The instrumental portion seems to be built with electronics and guitars, which create mounds of sound for the vocals to hide behind and dodge around. 

Although the sound is as “now” as any hep cat could wish. there is really very little to date this music archeologically. The basic tools for what The Slowest Lift do have been around for decades. It is what Julian and Sophie choose to do with these tools that will knock that beaver hat right off your head.

Gorgeous stuff.

-Byron Coley, 2020″

Take care, Sof x

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