Pretty Lightning, Bridget Hayden, Irma Vep 30/10/15

Tor Bookings #??

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We have a beautiful evening lined up for you everyone.

Upstairs at Crazy8 Golden Lion.

£5 on the door gets you…

If you haven’t seen these bands before prepare to be amazed and if you have seen them you’ll know that this is an unmissable line up. Tor Bookings endorses:

Pretty Lightning

We first saw Pretty Lightning at A Berry Fest in Austria last year and they blew us away with their super psyche rock and blues sound so we’re really happy to have them over in our little corner of the world. They are a duo who you might recognise from big band improv. smoke explorers Datashock who we also love!

Their most recent record on Cardinal Fuzz has sold out in it’s LP form but thanks to the power of modern how the kids hear music technology you can stream this baby here –

Bridget Hayden

Continuing the messed up blues theme of the evening is the incredible and constantly inspiring musician Bridget Hayden. A mainstay player in West Yorkshire’s finest out there sound adventurers Vibracathedral Orchestra Bridget’s heavy fuzz will astound us and have us weeping because of how bloody good she is.

Irma Vep

Everyday is an Irma Vep day at Tor Bookings towers. We LOVE Edwin’s songs. They are utterly unique but familiar, like a good friend you have that is intriguingly weird. This is the sort of music that makes you want to stay in the room until the record has finished. We can’t get enough of Irma Vep’s view on the world.

…and of course our dear friend Ned will be DJing his Was Ist Dassoundsystem to keep us all happy. What an evening.

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