Rochdale, Calderdale and Kirklees happenings

Hi folks, hope yr all good out in the world…

Had a great time at Wharf Chambers last month playing a solo trombone set. Thanks to Daoud for organising! It made me remember that solo gigs are OK so lemme know if you would like me to play in yr town somehow…

Littleborough Arts Festival

I’m teaming up with Alison Cooper (aka Magpahi) to deliver three workshops at this year’s Littleborough Arts Festival including two sessions for under 5s and an intro to sound recording for women and gender minority folks all on the same day, 20th May.

Follow the link to book on:

Immersive Watergrove

I’ve been making good progress on the AV Immersive Watergrove project in collaboration with Babs Smith and you can follow the project on our new blog site via this link:

So far we’ve been researching the site and working out where the various trigger images for the augmented reality pieces will go and I’ve even been doing some sketches of the landscape at the same time as field recording. Turns out sketching is far more socially acceptable than sound recording so get a pen and paper out if you’re feeling a bit self conscious out in the field – pro tip.

Delphine Dora and Sophie Cooper residency

Happy to say that my old collab buddy, Delphine Dora, is heading over to the UK at the end of May and we’ll be doing some live shows and a residency at Huddersfield’s ame space with a gig there on the 1st June. Heading over to Sheffield and up to Scotland for gigs that week as well so check out my website’s live section if you’re in those areas.

Super excited to play with Delphine again but it’s been a while giving me and my jammin skills a few nerves.. sure it’ll be ok. Got one of these Emmergy FX Gristle Throbber pedals to try out which will be cool:

Delphine Dora Todmorden secret show

Yep that’s right. 31st May is you’re chance to see Delphine perform a secret show at a gorgeous location in Todmorden so if you fancy it get in touch with me via the socials and I’ll tell you where.


I have a public Instagram now so gimme a follow if yr into that: @sophiecooper_music

That’ll do for now, all bests