Sofie Sea’s music webs

Couple of places my music has been played online lately are here:

The wonderful Duane Pitre included a track by Ben Nash and me in an online mix for ‘Blackened Disco’

Alchemy on modern airwaves

A ¬†track from my album Labyrinth opens this radio show called ‘A Duck in a Tree’

Eh up duck in a tree

And here is a link to a review I received today from The Big Takeover Mag. I ask if I am the psychedelic Princess of the north then who is the Queen? Answers on a postcard to Sophie Cooper, Todmorden. Your letter will find me.

Big TakeOver Review 

That’s it for now.

Here’s a picture of me and my friend Ned next to what could be a Yayoi Kusama painting –

sof ned

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