Spring 2023

Hi folks,

I’ve been a bit quiet here on the website, sorry about that! I’m going to try and keep up to date with this by once a month if I’ve got stuff to write about that is.

New Release

Really excited to be sharing this one, it’s a kind of double A side digital release from the brilliant Otoroku label at Cafe Oto.


There are two long form pieces on there, one new and one old but the subject matter is very similar and it made a lot of sense to release them as a whole in this format. Good to get it out of the system.

Lean in was produced on site at the Cafe Oto Project Space last Feb 2022 (made possible by ACE – ta v much for that) over the course of a week long residency in the space. I remember it was really cold during that time and there were really loud roadworks going on outside which inspired the title, if you can’t beat em, join em, lean into the conditions. Intact was made for the HISS system at Huddersfield University and I’ve definitely talked about it on this blog before.

There’s more info about the release through the Oto link and this review on Boomkat: https://boomkat.com/products/lean-in-intact

Big thanks to Oliver Barratt for mastering these pieces, you did a great job. Thanks to Maryanne Royle for lending her photography to the cover as well.

A Gig!

I’m surprised as you are! I’ve felt a bit unsure and removed from the live gigging world recently (mostly down to C19, let’s face it) but my friend Daoud invited me to perform on an all trombone line up at my fave Wharf Chambers so what’s a girl to do. It’s on the 19th April and starts at 7pm. Can’t wait. Plus the poster is ridiculous and no, why would I play the trombone simulator game.

New Collaboration

Really excited to have received funding from the helpful Help Musicians which will go towards me creating a new audio visual work with augmented reality artist Babs Smith. We intend to make 4 AR sculptures (it’s like Pokemon Go) that will sit on the top of the Watergrove Reservoir which is between Rochdale and Littleborough. The place is amazing, beautiful and rich with a history of a displaced community who left when the building work started in 1938. So excited to be working on this! Will post more about the project as it develops but there will be work shown publicly on site at the reservoir and in Ebor Studio in August.

Watergrove Reservoir


Refuge from the Ravens has flown over to Bury Art Gallery and will be there until the 6th May, more details here: https://buryartmuseum.co.uk/Temporary-Exhibitions-Artbox

I have made the two loops of sound I made for this exhibit public on my sound-cloud page. If you have the option to play both of these at the same time through two separate sets of speakers, this is how it was intended to be heard. I’m really proud of this work and the workshops that led up to creating it all. There’s a CD coming soon and a video too which I’ll post about when I can.

The Future

8th April, 11 – 5pm, Open Studio at Ebor Studios in Littleborough. Come down and see what I and my fellow residents at Ebor have been working on. Think I’m going to put together some kind of tape loops meets electromagnetic field sounds set up for the day, reflecting my current interests.

In other news, Delphine Dora is coming back over to the UK and we’re making music for a week together live and during a residency! Also, can’t reveal too much except I’m psyched to say that The Dante Loop is getting a new breath of life later this year in a totally new format. Ugh. Wish I could say more but tis the way…

Right off out for a glass of wine because it’s Friday. All best and love from me. X