Summer update

Hello all,

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote an update, has been a really busy / wild / challenging time for myself in terms of work and home life but y’know, we’re coping. I’m pretty perky this week which is ace and ready to update on a few things that have gone down lately. I’m good at keeping up the mini blog that is Instagram so give us a follow on there if you fancy: @sophiecooper_music

New Streams update

The redo of my piece Purgatory has now been recorded by the amazing Riot Ensemble and I’m now in the process of mixing down the 26 mics involved in the process. It was an incredible day and the first time I’ve heard my music played by professional players who couldn’t have been more perfect in their approach to the piece. A brilliant experience and I look forward to sharing the results.

Immersive Watergrove

Immersive Watergrove is now installed and we had a fantastic opening day last Saturday! Here are a few images from the artist walk and talk around the res and from Ebor Studio where the VR version of the work lives.

The work is up until the 3rd September and can be viewed around Watergrove 24/7 through the Artivive app. There’s tons of info on our blog about the project here:

Here’s a vid I made about the project too 🙂

New release

I’ve self released a 7 inch containing extended versions of the music from the Immersive Watergrove project too, £15 for a lathe cut which sounds lush n warm in that lathey cut way. Purchase through my bandcamp:

Tour with Natalia Beylis

Me and one of my most favouritest of people, Natalia Beylis, will be doing a few dates together on her forthcoming new album tour. We’ll be in Bristol, London and Hove in Sept – absolutely beaming to be doing this. Solo noise trombone jams from me. I’m also playing The Golden Lion in Tod on the 7th Sept and have a show in Nottingham on the 3rd Oct at Rammel Club, check the Live section of my website for details there.


In other news I’m happy to report that almost 20 years after finishing my undergrad I’ve finally plucked up the courage to go back to school and I will be starting a Music Research Masters at Huddersfield University this September. Over the next two years I’ll be focusing on public engagement with site specific sound works / AV pieces etc and I’m really up for it. Didn’t quite manage to be the first in my family with a degree (my older sister nabbed that title) but I’ll be the first with a Masters with any luck! Grateful to the university for halving my fees too. Can’t wait to get cracking.

Ok, that’s it for now. All best to you xx Sof