Early summer update

Hi all!

Hope all’s good where you are. Been super busy here with a couple of big projects.

New Streams

I’ve been very fortunate to be selected for a mentoring scheme for composers writing music for film, supported by PRS. For the application, I submitted an existing piece, ‘Purgatory’ which was the middle section of last year’s ‘The Dante Loop’, to be developed into a score played by members of the amazing Riot Ensemble. I’m not gonna lie, this is really new territory for me, I’ve only written music for people who aren’t me a few times so I’ve had to learn a lot in a short space of time. Thankfully I’ve got two mentors via the scheme who have been really supportive of the process. As I write the notes are done and dotted onto the page and it’ll all get recorded next month with the view being for it to be used on a horror film. I’m a massive horror fan so this is all truly a dream come true.. will report back about how it goes.

More info on the PRS website

Immersive Watergrove

This epic audio visual project I’m working on with Babs Smith is going really well and we should have the basics of the piece done by the end of this month! As stands, you’ll be able to visit Watergrove Reservoir and / or Gallery Frank, both in Littleborough, Greater Manchester, from the 9th August for a month to get the full experience. You’ll need to download an app called Artivive to view the work on your phone and will be prompted about where and how to do it on a route around the reservoir.

Babs and I have been researching the history of the reservoir and how the place is used today while putting the work together. Utterly inspired by an amazing opera workshop I attended by Opera Aperta last month, I’ve started to view the reservoir music via an imagined, almost, sci-fi point of view. How was the area then, now, and how will it be after year on year of droughts caused by climate change? On one of the pieces I’ve imagined Littleborough Brass Band being submerged into the waters of the res, nice and distant horn sounds soaked up in waves…

This project is going well anyway, could go on about it more but follow our blog for updates and just my instagram account: @sophiecooper_music

Other news, had a track played on The Wire radio show which is nice! https://www.thewire.co.uk/audio/on-air/meg-woof-presents-adventures-in-sound-and-music-68333 Got a few gigs booked in, see my live section on this website for info. Supporting the mighty Unit Ama in Sowerby Bridge next month which’ll be cool!

Enjoy the weather,