The Dante Loop – photos!

Ten images where I’ve tried to capture what happened at the John Rylands Library last week during The Dante Loop show. As ever, it’s difficult to photograph sound so if anyone has any ideas about how to do please get in touch. I think I’ve exhausted my Photography A-Level by this point.

There’s a video being made at the moment which will be a much better document, and I’m thinking of a lathe / CDR release at some point for audio purposes. Keep yer eyes peeled if you’re interested although I’m hoping to show the work again at some point too.

Massive thanks to Guyda Armstrong at Manchester Uni for commissioning the work, I had such a great experience working on this suite of pieces and learning a lot about the Divine Comedy world. Huge thanks to all the staff at John Rylands, Emily Tan and the team plus the media department. Also the 5000 odd visitors to the show, shout out to those who happened upon the music unexpectedly and open their ears for a while. Love and peace to the two members of the public who tried to turn down Hell – what were you thinking?? Made me laugh.

The Purgatory Singers: Natalie Sharp, Al Wilson and me

Thanks to Nat and Al for singing the purgatory piece for me, James Watts for sending me some killer screaming for the Hell piece and Max expert Matthew Olden for listening to my wacky patch idea and making it extremely heavenly.