The Dante Loop – video

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The Dante Loop, film by Jamie Robinson

Quite shocking that I’m only just posting this to my website but here’s a fantastic short film by Jamie Robinson documenting snippets from my recent sound installation, The Dante Loop. Big thanks to Jamie for putting this together! Will release the music at some point too. X

More info:

Short film by Jamie Robinson documenting Sophie Cooper’s three part composition: The Dante Loop.

The Dante Loop was installed at John Rylands Research Institute and Library as part of Dr Guyda Armstrong’s curated Designing Dante season, celebrating 700 years since Dante’s birth. The piece consisted of three sound installations placed throughout the historic building designed to be experienced together as a suite taking influence from the poems in Dante’s Divine Comedy, Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso.

More information about the work on the Manchester University website here:…

June 2022 – music written and performed by Sophie Cooper

Singers: Alto: Natalie Sharp Tenor: Al Wilson Screams: James Watts