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hey all,

Been meaning to do a blog update for a while but been so busy lately. All good though, it’s been a grand productive time.

What’s been happening? Well Tor Fest went really well! This was the first year we did it with any funding outside of beer and ticket sales so cheers to Sound and Music for putting their trust in us as part of their Composer Curator programme. I ended up performing twice over the weekend. As Nwando Ebizie’s back up dancer / trombone player / bubble blower and with Gnod on trombone. Both really amazing experiences. I didn’t get to see tons of stuff at the festival because I was mostly chained to the door handing out tickets but everything I saw was ace. Especially loved Space Afrika at the end of the night. Hopefully we’ll get Josh back in Tod again.

sof nwando

We put on a show for Richard Dawson last week on Jake’s birthday. Richard wanted to organise a charity show to raise money for RNIB and I’m happy to say we took £800 on the door as entrance fees and almost £200 in poster sales. Still got some of them left if you want one, get in touch if so. Would be great to hand a cool grand over to the charity at the end of this week! richardD

Next gig we have up is Tola Custy, Hawthonn and Birds & Ships at the lion next week. This is another of the Sound and Music sponsored events. Check out the event on the new West Yorkshire gig directory here –


I’ve been playing some gigs as well. I performed with the amazing Roy Claire Potter a week or so ago under the name SatNavTod where we’re working with a mix of sound design and spoken word. The show went really well and it’d be ace to work with Roy again sometime.


I’ve been spending a lot of time on a new composition for hcmf// which will be premiered this year the festival on the 18th November. Check out the details here on the hcmf/// website. All the programme looks brilliant this year and I’m so excited to be a part of it as a composer and as part of the team working on the new Young Curator project.  It’s really wonderful to be working somewhere I really believe in. All this amazing music happening in Huddersfield is a really wild thing to be part of.

Next gig I’ve got will be at No Bounds Festival in Sheffield where I’ll be performing as part of an event curated by Sandhya Daengen I’ll be performing a solo piece inspired by Laurie Anderson during the event. Kelly Jayne Jones will be there as well.

I’ll be performing with Kelly again in December on a new interpretation of a piece by Rebecca Lee. We’re revisiting the micro opera we were working on last year in Pendle, will post about all that nearer the time.

Plutonic Shine by The Slowest Lift is still available here on our bandcamp page and Julian has just sent off the artwork for the vinyl version so will be posting about that when I know the details soon! This time with lyric sheet so you can sit and read our brains at your leisure.

Ok that’ll do for now. Happy Libra everyone! My bday soon 🙂

Love, Sof x




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