Tor Bookings: Bonnacons of Doom


This elusive and constantly-evolving Liverpool collective harness the ritualistic and cathartic power of repetition, monstrous riffs and squalls of atonal noise in their unique take on rhythmic heavy psych. Blending vocals that range from hypnotic mantras to explosive psychic outbursts with brutal rhythmic pummelling and glacial electronics.

Bonnacons have been making waves in the UK underground through a series of explosive festival shows and site-specific performances.

Their debut album will be released on Rocket Recordings in 2018.

“Liverpool’s black caped & mirror-masked Bonnacons of Doom incorporate death trombone drones into their massed mantras and psychic wailings” (Mojo)

“Taking more of a Swans approach to sonic worship than swirling acid trips, the Bonnacons are monolithic in delivery” (Dazed)

“As far as occult AV freak-outs go, Bonnacons Of Doom are hard to beat. If GOAT swapped in their feral acid-afrobeat for lurid drone and crushing motorik drum-fire, and traded tribal feathers for hooded capes and reflective masks, you might be part way there… vocal outbreaks erupt like the gothic exorcism of Patti Smith’s ghost.” (Clash)

“Volume. Exhilaration. Sensory overload… This is molten heaviness at its most graceful… versatile enough to survive collaboration with Liverpool Cathedral choir, yet packing a muscular punch that’s guaranteed to leave you reeling” (The Skinny)

plus support from SHERBET TRIPOD

New energetic trio from Leeds comprising of members of Guttersnipe, Cow Town and Beards. “Sherbet Tripod is a troublesome twirlybird triage of fulminating femmes armed with chromatic clank, siren-shrill syrupvox and particle accelerated sandbox-jamboree camouflage cartoonality, always ready, never prepared, a three headed harpie sputtering raver-coherent conversation, each climbing in front of the other, but to build a pyramid of neon hoo-hah! Tread softly!”

Downstairs at the Golden Lion, entrance is free but donations of around £5 would be appreciated to pay the bands.

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