Tor Fest presents… Big Blood!

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Super excited to be letting you know about a Tor Fest gig we’re putting on this Sunday as part of DIY underground mega music network: Outlands. It will be streaming here from 8pm (GMT) and will be tons of fun. Makes me nostalgic for our Tor Beers afternoon gigs we use to have… sigh. It’ll happen again!

Full details:

28th Feb, 2021
8pm start – late (GMT)

Its Free but we will be taking donations that will fund the next Tor Tech online event. Please PayPal donations to:

Tor Festival is taking advantage of new technology and beaming in friends from over the pond for this very special event! Tor Tech is born!

Tor Festival presents:

Big Blood, South Portland, Maine, USA

We have been fans of Big Blood for many years, their LPs released on Blackest Rainbow and Feeding Tube Records have never been far from the record deck at Tor Towers. It is a delight to host them for The Joyous Thing.They are the coolest family band you’ll come across. Put your dancing shoes on for an uplifting garage rock show! But it’s not that simple, Big Blood somehow have this incredible way of tapping your toes and into your emotions. Prepare to have your spirit touched through soulful singing, psychedelic sounds and joyous, beautiful, straight up tunes! (we may get some trombone playing – big plus!!)


Jake Blanchard, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, UK

You may know Jake from projects such as Tor Invocation Band, Tor Press, Tor Beers (do you see the link) but did you know he’s been dabbling in the deep, dark drone zone for some time now? Bringing together wild shahi baaja and newly developed percussion skills, Jake is taking us on a psychedelic ride that until now has only taken place upstairs in our house – release the racket!


With Nick Farrimond (Tod Only Knows DJ) Todmorden, West Yorkshire, UK

Our lovely Nick has been keeping the after hours crowds of Todmorden very happy for sometime now with his eclectic, and vast, LP collection via the DJ master duo: Tod Only Knows. Spinning scorched out rock, outsider ‘tronics, and anything else they fancy, Nick will be our party DJ this evening.…/tod-only-knows-sea-change-2020/

Recipients of an Outlands member commission for The Joyous Thing, Feb 2021 and made possible with support from Arts Council England. 

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