Tor FM / Tor Beers / Tor Health

I am hosting a new radio show called TOR FM on the new ‘Camp’ radio station. It’s linked to Fuse Art Space’s new residency in France called Camp. Looks mint – see here.  Tor Fm will be on monthly for an hour at a time – my attention span could only manage 60 minutes but it’s all quality.

First show is on the 11th September and I think it’s on officially at 3pm but sure you can find it after via a mixcloud or whatnot. Will find out and let you know.

The show includes up to date NEW music I like, LIVE sound from my Billy AB and a half hour interview with the fabulous Sam McLoughlin aka samandtheplants. I’m well happy with the interview so do have a listen. 

Billy AB has been at my house for ages now and we recorded a cover version of the very cool ‘Yes Sir, I can Boogie’ – have a dance now!

in Other News Jake is opening a new age BEER SHOP in the Golden Lion, Todmorden. Yes, it’s literally in the pub on the right hand side. They are calling it a friendly coopetition (noun 1. collaboration between business competitors, in the hope of mutually beneficial results.) There are very fine beers on sale via TOR BEERS. see more details on facebook 

There is no Tor Health, that’s a joke.


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