Trip to Malta

Happy new year!

I had the absolute honour of visiting the Malta Sound Women Network a couple of weeks ago for about 36 hours and had an awesome time. Jess Rymer and Yasmin Kuymizakis set up the group last summer after being inspired by work done over here by the Yorkshire Sound Women’s Network and their group is doing amazingly well. They run a regular workshop every Saturday at the Malta School of Music and I think they have around 50 regular attendees getting their heads around music, sound and tech which I think is just an incredible achievement in such a short time. They asked me over to perform and run a workshop at one of their Saturday events and I was so glad to do so. I ended up doing two gigs, the first one was an hour long improv with Jess, who is a great trumpet player, and then I played solo at the music school the next day. After the show I left my gear on stage and showed members how to do manipulate the sound of their voices using various bits of hardware which was so much fun. There are a couple of pics taken by Heba Ahmed below.


Yasmin and Jess did a performance on the Saturday which you can hear in my latest Tor FM radio show (Christmas special!)

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