Hello all, hope you’re coping out there. Big ups to everyone making great online noise content at the moment, Theo Gowens, Mariam Rezaei, Ali Robertson, Graham Dunning, “Keith Heineman”. I’ve been watching loads and it’s been great to feel part of the community so thanks a lot for putting the effort in. Can’t wait til this pandemic is all over and we can get out to see live music and friends again.

Anyway before I start crying I’m here to post some new videos made by the house of Tor.

First up Harry Wheeler documented the last gig we put on in Hebden Bridge which was the final piece of our Sound and Music, curator composer residency. The gig featured Alison Cooper, aka Magpahi, as lead jammer on a big folky improv event at The Fox and Goose. It was such an excellent event that Harry has captured perfectly in the vid.

Just want to say a massive thank you to Sound and Music for including us on their project this past year. It’s been so great to be supported and mentored throughout the year and it’s opened up a lot of opportunities for us so yeah, many thanks.

I’ve been trying to get some music done during this lock down situation and it’s not been going too badly. Julian and I have started working on some new The Slowest Lift material going for that perfect apocalyptic scorched out vibe as always. The vinyl version of Plutonic Shine is coming out on the 24th April via Feeding Tube Records so really excited for that. Head over there for a preorder but I think we’ll add some copies to our bandcamp as well. Tape is now sold out thanks to receiving props from Kim Gordon on Instagram, ta love.

Throughout my lockdown I’ve been thinking about performance, putting on shows, the restrictions you now have on these things and one afternoon, with Jake’s help, I put together a new trombone stunt video called Duvet Day. I wanted it to express some creative isolation concerns and hopefully make people laugh a bit.

Right that’ll do for now. All the best, and thinking of everyone going through a rough time at the moment.

Sof x

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