What’s going on.

Thought I’d do an update about what’s been happening over the summer with music and all that. Been a hectic one for sure.

My summer tour with Delphine Dora went amazingly well. I was a bit nervous about how a whole tour where the music is completely improvised might go but turned out pretty great. Wonderful crowds all around the UK, ace hosts, good to catch up with pals over this island, yep. Fun too.

Supernormal was a blast particularly, what a festival. Honestly I’ve never felt so supported by an organisation before to be an “artist”. They were so supportive of me going off and experimenting for them that resulted in me trying some stuff out with Julian Bradley which we performed at the fest. They had no idea about what we were going to do but that wasn’t important to them really, I mean, they trusted us A LOT and isn’t that a special thing? The show was heartwarming for us and an album is almost complete as a result of this support so thank you Supernormal for being so open minded.

One of mine and Julian’s new tracks got some Late Junction BBC3 love too thanks to Supernormal. Listen here – http://bbc.in/2c5aTA0

Delphine and I are working on a new release right now too, here’s a track which may or may not be part of it:

In other news Tor Festival 2016 is around the corner! I’ll do a separate post about that but it’s basically shaping up well and will be lots of fun, always is 🙂

All for now, cheers for reading x



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