Woolf Music this weekend!


The Sophie Cooper Band (me, Pascal and Joincey) had a great time last night supporting the Monopoly Child Star Searchers at Kraak Gallery, cheers to Nick for putting it on. Both Gristed Petunia and Chalaque were amazing! I had to leave and get back to Yorkshire before Spencer played though, pretty gutted because I heard he was really brilliant. I am aware of a bootlegger in the crowd so I’ll have a listen back and see if any of our set is web worthy.

Next gig is a solo job at, potential festival of 2013, Woolf Music. I’m proper excited!!  I can’t remember the last time I camped at a festival… Been drawing in marker pens on me wellies for that extra festival chic and everything, anyway. I really hope to see loads of lovely people there.



I’m playing on the Sunday at 1.30pm and hope to sooth your heavy heads with a few tunes. My backing band this time are called Gretsch the guitar, tape player #1 and MW radio #2. I’m going for a sort of messed up, soupy version of Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs thing. See ya there!! xx

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