Tor Fm ! sounds of May (no morris dancers soz)

Give this a listen please!

All sorts going on.

Mini interview with Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh and a slice of her set at Tor Beers.




The Harrowing of the North, Experimental Music from Yorkshire:…/the-harrowin…

Part of the reason we are organising this all dayer at the Hebden Bridge Trades is to launch this great new compilation put together by Neil Campbell of the Vibracathedral Orchestra Experience. Noel Meek is bringing copies over from New Zealand and they will be available at the festival before they are available anywhere. (ps I have a track on there)

Upcoming Tor Bookings shows…

Thanks a lot to everyone who came down to the Father Murphy show last week. We had such an awesome time and were incredibly impressed by the quiet crowd downstairs at the Golden Lion. Seems that doing a free show in the bar was a good way for Father Murphy to reach out to new people in Todmorden. Such a good band.

Next up:

12th June: Michael Hurley – Golden Lion, Tod

This has almost sold out so grab a ticket here if you wanna come! Limited space upstairs and no just knowing us isn’t going to get you in soz. Tickets also available from behind the bar at Tor Beers if you want to avoid the booking fee.

12th July: House and Land – Golden Lion, Tod 

We welcome back Sarah Louise and Sally back to Todmorden with open arms after their fantastic show they played here last year. We loved it then and I’m sure we’ll love it now too.

21st July: Tor Fest, Experimental Yorkshire at Trades Club in Hebden Bridge 

Yes! The big one, new space usage for wild all dayer. Get a ticket via the Trades website!

gig de yorkshire


Tor FM: Kelly Jayne Jones

Here is the latest episode of Tor FM featuring tunes from the record pile and a half hour documentary where I go off into the hills of Todmorden with me Kelly Jayne Jones. Really pleased with how this one turned out so give it a listen.

Kelly recently had an article printed in The Wire mag where she talks about really fond memories she has which I and many friends of ours share so yeah, big love to you K, all The MusicrOOOOm attendees and those from the Albert Rd days back in Manchester x


Richard Youngs, Noel Meek & The Slowest Lift

The Slowest Lift are going on a mini tour, in collaboration, with Noel Meek of New Zealand / End of the Alphabet Records. We’re in the middle of working out how that’s going to sound at the moment. And the amazing Richard Youngs is joining us so that’s a bit mind blowing. Post artwork by the talented Julian Bradley. final poster switched.jpg