New video and other information

I’ve done quite a bit of recording with United Bible Studies and it’s starting to come out on bits n bobs around now. Check out this video below of a new song:

I was in The Guardian chatting about Todmorden and the music scene here. Have a read if you’re interested:

There’s a new episode of Tor FM made for Camp Radio. Hear me hang out down the crypt, play some tunes, then an interview with the amazing Jorge Boehringer aka Core of the Coalman about composition and other interesting stuff he does.

Reminder – Come to see Emmanuelle Parrenin tomorrow night at the Golden Lion! Me and Sam McLoughlin (samandtheplants) are playing with her. I’m so excited 🙂



Emmanuelle Parrenin

This Thursday! Please don’t miss this amazing and totally special gig we are putting on at The Golden Lion in Todmorden. Sam McLoughlin and I will be joining her on a few songs and doing some improvisation with her too. Emmanuelle Parrenin is a legend and we’re so lucky to have her in our town. See ya there x

Emmanuelle poster web

Two releases out tomorrow

Totally coincidently I have two releases out tomorrow on the 20th October.

One is a solo trombone / vocals album I recorded during my residency in Northern Ireland earlier this year at The Curfew Tower, Cushendall. I imaginatively called it ‘The Curfew Tower Recordings’. Cassette and download from West Yorkshire’s finest Crow vs Crow Records. Cheers Andy.

dial a bone

Second is a The Slowest Lift (me and Julian Bradley) track on the latest Front and Follow 10 years compilation. The track is called ‘I finished my drink, again’ – a common problem. Ta Justin and Helen.


LISTEN: Sophie Cooper & her Trombone!

Spool's Out

Out this week via Halifax-based label/radio show/blog/etc Crow Versus Crow comes the latest tape release by Sophie Cooper. Made during a week-long stay at Bill Drummond’s Curfew Tower in Cushendall, Northern Ireland, Cooper was sent over as part of a series curated by The Penthouse Gallery in Manchester. The result is is these mind busting cassette of improvised deep drones for trombone and voice. Exclusive first listen below:


A key player in the thriving music scene in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, Sophie Cooper has released several stellar albums of solo folk-drones and collaborated with the likes of Vibracathedral Orchestra’s Julian Bradley, French oddball pianist Delphine Dora, primordial flutist Kelly-Jayne Jones, and several more.

The Curfew Tower Recordings is the most thorough document yet of Cooper’s trombone playing, which she seems to have been getting into more of late since starting up her Dial-a-Bone service. At set times and dates, the…

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Listen again to Tor FM

Listen to the first Tor FM show on Radio Camp. Currently working on the second which will be broadcast on the 30th October. Includes long interview with the wildly intelligent and interesting Jorge Boehringer aka Core of the Coalman.

Tor FM / Tor Beers / Tor Health

I am hosting a new radio show called TOR FM on the new ‘Camp’ radio station. It’s linked to Fuse Art Space’s new residency in France called Camp. Looks mint – see here.  Tor Fm will be on monthly for an hour at a time – my attention span could only manage 60 minutes but it’s all quality.

First show is on the 11th September and I think it’s on officially at 3pm but sure you can find it after via a mixcloud or whatnot. Will find out and let you know.

The show includes up to date NEW music I like, LIVE sound from my Billy AB and a half hour interview with the fabulous Sam McLoughlin aka samandtheplants. I’m well happy with the interview so do have a listen. 

Billy AB has been at my house for ages now and we recorded a cover version of the very cool ‘Yes Sir, I can Boogie’ – have a dance now!

in Other News Jake is opening a new age BEER SHOP in the Golden Lion, Todmorden. Yes, it’s literally in the pub on the right hand side. They are calling it a friendly coopetition (noun 1. collaboration between business competitors, in the hope of mutually beneficial results.) There are very fine beers on sale via TOR BEERS. see more details on facebook 

There is no Tor Health, that’s a joke.