Listen again to Tor FM

Listen to the first Tor FM show on Radio Camp. Currently working on the second which will be broadcast on the 30th October. Includes long interview with the wildly intelligent and interesting Jorge Boehringer aka Core of the Coalman.


Tor FM / Tor Beers / Tor Health

I am hosting a new radio show called TOR FM on the new ‘Camp’ radio station. It’s linked to Fuse Art Space’s new residency in France called Camp. Looks mint – see here.  Tor Fm will be on monthly for an hour at a time – my attention span could only manage 60 minutes but it’s all quality.

First show is on the 11th September and I think it’s on officially at 3pm but sure you can find it after via a mixcloud or whatnot. Will find out and let you know.

The show includes up to date NEW music I like, LIVE sound from my Billy AB and a half hour interview with the fabulous Sam McLoughlin aka samandtheplants. I’m well happy with the interview so do have a listen. 

Billy AB has been at my house for ages now and we recorded a cover version of the very cool ‘Yes Sir, I can Boogie’ – have a dance now!

in Other News Jake is opening a new age BEER SHOP in the Golden Lion, Todmorden. Yes, it’s literally in the pub on the right hand side. They are calling it a friendly coopetition (noun 1. collaboration between business competitors, in the hope of mutually beneficial results.) There are very fine beers on sale via TOR BEERS. see more details on facebook 

There is no Tor Health, that’s a joke.


Think Away, Tape with Delphine Dora now available from UK

I got a bunch of copies of my new tape with Delphine Dora from Was ist Das? who are based in Arizona nowadays. Let me know if you want one:

Think Away

Think Away 2017 – Cassette by Sophie Cooper and Delphine Dora £6 + P&P

btn_buynow_LG UK P&P

btn_buynow_LG Europe P&P

btn_buynow_LG ROW P&P

Here’s what Tristan Bath at The Quietus had to say about it:

“Having relocated from Yorkshire to Arizona, the magnificent Was Ist Das? label finally presents the follow up to Distance Future, the debut recording by Delphine Dora and Sophie Cooper. As the label notes, despite being recorded in church, this outing has more of a “cellar feel”, eschewing the choral rituals of the first in favour of even floatier mood pieces, such as the sparsely lush piano-and-harmonium opener, ‘Stillness and Movement’.

Cooper has been notably more in touch with her trombone playing during the intervening period (she’s even been periodically holed up in red phone boxes across the British Isles with her ‘bone, issuing the phone number online, and waiting for the public to phone in and get their own personalised ‘Dial-a-bone’ message), thus it plays a bigger role on this album. Second track ‘Des Roches Et De L’Eau’ summons a sort of Rotterdam port of trombone blasts echoing manically over each other. Later MIDI clarinet chirps leap off ear-scraping percussion scrapes on ‘Distinct Kinds’, Delphine Dora’s strangely alluring siren voice wordlessly searching beneath. Side B is entirely made up of 19 minute epic ‘Invisible String’, a zen trip into loop pedal deep space, the duo summoning some intensely pagan wordless chants alongside some analogue drones, ultimately ushering in Cooper’s mournful brass instrument for an utterly fragile finale.”

Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces

I’m performing a new kinda-DIY multi speaker trombone and electronics piece at this awesome looking conference at Huddersfield University on the 8th July. Here’s a blurb about what I’m doing:

“Sophie is a trombone player and finds the instrument incredibly intuitive to play due to it having a slide rather than fixed notes opening up a vast range of sounds. She considers the instrument to be closely related to the voice, which also has these possibilities and the combination of the two fascinating.

Sophie’s performance for AISS will incorporate trombone and vocal improvisations presented via lo-fi guitar amps, an idea resulting from a recent artist residency in Northern Ireland’s The Curfew Tower.”

More details about the conference here, maybe see you there!

Clouds Once Before Molten Rock

New live album featuring friends in Alsager near Stoke-on-Trent. CDR available on the ever giving Wild Silence label. 

– an ensemble improvisation by Stuart Arnot / Sophie Cooper / Delphine Dora / Andy Jarvis / Kelly Jayne Jones / Joincey / Mike de Oliveira

Live in Alsager (August 2016)

Players :

Stuart Arnot – trumpet, walkman
Sophie Cooper – trombone, electronics, vocals
Delphine Dora – vocals, computer, MIDI keyboard, percussions, electronics
Andy Jarvis – violin, percussion, vocals, tapes
Kelly Jayne Jones – flute, singing bowls, rocks
Joincey – snare drums, bells, dictaphone
Mika de Oliveira – cello, percussion, koto, flute, vocals

Artwork : Dovile Simonyte

Also on Wild Silence is the incredible album by Andie Brown and Sharon Gal called Mami Wata, seriously good. Highest recommendation from me and all that, buy both of these CDRS!